Wards Corner Community Plan

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Wards Corner Community Plan

Wards Corner Community Plan

Wards Corner Community Plan By Wards Corner Community Plan

Help us to realise our Community Plan for Wards Corner - including community spaces, an improved market, a creche and much more - so can build (a piece) of Tottenham for everyone!

Haringey Idea stage

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Since closing in 1972, the Wards Corner department store - an iconic Tottenham landmark - has fallen into disrepair. But beneath its rugged exterior, the Latin Village Market is a thriving community hub. The market is a vital centre for communities throughout Tottenham, offering not only affordable goods and essential services, but a destination for education, rights and advice, social support and much more to migrants from across London. Yet the market is under threat: property developer Grainger wants to demolish the historic building to construct hundreds of luxury flats, displacing this thriving local community. It doesn't have to be this way: our community plan will buy back the building and put it under democratic control of local residents. We will restore this once proud local symbol to offer the spaces Tottenham's communities really need. The funds will help us develop a viable business plan, the next step in a development that places people before profits.

What we'll deliver:

  • Commission specialist economic consultants to prepare a business plan
  • A specialist heritage consultation report
  • Architectural designs submitted with a complete planning application
  • Community consultation events as proposals develop
  • Outreach work with the local community

Why it's a great idea:

Instead of demolishing a listed community asset for profit, we will help it to develop and grow so it can be of even greater service to the local community. Whereas current proposals are for generic, low quality architecture and bland high street shops which suck money out of the local area; our community plan will preserve the unique character of Wards Corner and sustain thriving local businesses, whose revenues are reinvested in the local economy. Rather than displace a community to build a scheme with little public support; our community plan will democratically decided and managed by members of the local community themselves. As a consequence, we can ensure the future development truly meets the needs of local people and not private investors. While we know these proposals sound radical, at a time when community spaces are under attack across London, we think this is exactly what is needed. Another city is possible: Sí Se Puede!

Steps to get it done:

Our community plan builds on 12 years of campaigning and consultation and enjoys widespread support. Our plan has the active support of numerous architects, planning experts, urban designers and heritage specialists. Many local Councillors have expressed their strong desire to see more and just and equitable development in Tottenham. With your help, we can make this a reality!

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