Transform Young shielders safe Place

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Transform Young shielders safe Place

Transform Young shielders safe Place By

Enable transformation of our Centre to Accessible safe spaces for children and young people to access even when Shielding with families/support bubbles. So that life can move forward without fear

Easington Lane Idea stage

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Over the last year young people with a disability or barrier to learning and their families have been disproportianatley affected by Covid 19 and still are. We have the vision to make our building and outside area suitable for small groups when safe and family shielding when needed, young people and adults have missed out on vital physio and hydrotherapy and swimming lessons, part of the project is to build a hydrotherapy pool, an outdoor covered boccia area and multisensory area, a multisensory garden area and accessible playground. The playground is being built around the history of Easington Lane including time tunnels and the Stephensons train celebrations. Inside we want to have a dream room, multisensory room, teaching area and put in a new roof and lift so that we can use the area for a sports hall suitable for wheelchair dance , an invention room, arts crafts and acting room including puppet theatre and IT room, To do this we need to update the 1874 heating and power supply

What we'll deliver:

  • hydrotherapy pool that can be used by individuals families and small groups safely
  • A History of Easington Lane themed accessible playground
  • An outdoor well ventilated covered boccia and disability sport area
  • A secure multisensory Garden area
  • A safe accessible easily cleanable fully equipped building (hospital grade cleaning)

Why it's a great idea:

It will support people in the area who need hydrotherapy even if there is a lockdown or shielding order and at less cost and less risk to everyone including the local doctors. It will enable local activity without having to travel by public transport. It will enable young people who have been shielding and in some cases are still shielding to have a safe secure place to be rather than just in the house, it will improve mental health and physical health, it will make the area look less run down, it will restore a wonderful old building , it will support local employment training for people with a disability or barrier to learning and their families. It will support the local economy. It will enable most of all HOPE many young people who had been increasing their independence skills are struggling with even less prospects than before and much of their independence has been taken away from them. When they have tried so had and made such progress only to have it removed is tragic

Steps to get it done:

  • Phase 1 outside area fencing and security
  • Phase 1 outside area multisensory Garden
  • Phase 1 outside area multi sensory sports area and canopy
  • Phase 1 outside area playground (history theme) miltisensory and accessible
  • Phase 1 carpark
  • Phase 1 changing place toilet and accessible downstairs toilet
  • All phase 1 to be completed or near completion by August 2021
  • Phase 2 hydro pool by march 2022
  • Phase 3 new second story created by june 22
  • Phase 4 the creation of the multisensory areas downstairs and the activity areas upstairs
  • Phase 4 opening and celebration summer 2022.
  • Throughout the things that have been completed ie toilets ,outside pool can be used

It will also support the physical health and wellbeing of people with a disability or barrier to learning or those who are anxious after the covid shielding. so will support local health care providers

Location Easington Lane

About the space

Easington Lane is an area that has many problems , it is an ex mining village on the edge of Sunderland , People can be very down about the area but there are some amazing people who are trying hard to make a difference. Activities and facilities for all ages are limited/none existent and often travel is impossible due to poverty and covid fears


Sunderland City Council

How will the money be spent?Total £1,023,384

Hydrotherapy pool and changing rooms - £500,000 (49%)
Stage 3 building work and inside renovation - £200,000 (20%)
Changing places toilet - £48,000 (5%)
Multisensory History Playground play equipment - £45,000 (4%)
architects fees - £38,000 (4%)
Activty area sports canopy - £24,000 (2%)
Multisensory History playground fencing - £22,000 (2%)
Multisensory History Playground flooring - £18,000 (2%)
carpark surface markings and walls and fencing - £15,000 (1%)
planning and costing costs - £10,000 (1%)
Other - £103,384 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. Before entering fundraising these costs will be confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified by the verifier.

Hydrotherapy pool and changing rooms
Stage 3 building work and inside renovation
Changing places toilet
Multisensory History Playground play equipment
architects fees
Activty area sports canopy
Multisensory History playground fencing
Multisensory History Playground flooring
carpark surface markings and walls and fencing
planning and costing costs
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Accessible Excercise area and boccia court
  • VAT
  • Multisensory Garden Fencing and groundwork
  • Multisensory Garden seating
  • multisensory Garden Sleeper accessible planters
  • multisensory Garden Braille and Widget signage
  • Multisensory Plants


This project is enabled for overfunding. If the project hits its funding goal before the end of the campaign period, any extra funds raised will be spent (in order of priority) on:

  • buy some Lu interactive excercise projectors
  • multisensory history plaques for the outside walls
  • signage

Total £1,023,384

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