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Track My Art

Track My Art

gionatan scali By gionatan scali

A ride into the arts, a journey into other visions. Build up a virtual community where you could share poems, tunes, docu, the history and the location where they've been inspired and add it on Map.

Hackney Idea stage

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Finding spaces of creativity. Sharing your poem, artwork, and matching them with the place where you conceived it. The Conception is strictly personal and sometimes it's private part of the creative process. But what about you if you reveal it? Once it's out of you, you can share it using this platform. Maybe not entirely revealed, although you could provide some stimulations but just enough to get people in your path. It could give a clue to people about your surroundings and you'll be able to be tracked by others interested in your path. It will explain where you've been and what was the impact of that place on your ideas. Everyone has got is own private space, cafe, studio, street or route where you could get inspirations. But I believe that sometimes a certain kind of places will trigger you the same stimulations or at least they could be a source of ideas. A source where you can take stuff and start to shape your own project. Been inspired and inspiring others.

What we'll deliver:

  • Connections between creatives
  • Re-modernize the world. Find new legends. New Landmarks. Rebuild the city.
  • Provide new Stories, add more values to your projects

Why it's a great idea:

The past over two years I've seen a lot of great performers and small communities grew up in London. We need to link these creatives. We need to talk about our potentials. About what is Now. I care about now. Our time. Our Time is very special. Our daily paths. To reveal new dynamics of the cities. To trigger new connections. Reveal new Ideas. Looking for the new. To get Dynamic. I don't want to discard what is the past. The Past is very important and we could keep it as always been a good reference for Humanity. This project would be a great chance to match the Big History of the Masters of the past and the New Young Generations of artists, creating the land of the future, looking for the future of the arts. I think Geography and routes are very central in our modern lives. Add ideas to our paths would be simple as open the map and get somewhere. Must be simple like that. Like Opening a speech bubble and add your stimulation about something.

Steps to get it done:

Sharing your path with others will create connections between you and other people and it will add more values and stimulations to your initial concepts. A Virtual Hub of creative projects based on routes and Map of the cities. You will able to be in contact with people got your same vision. Find them. Track them. Speak to them. Interact with them. Work with them. The source of it? The Map. The Location. The path where you've been. And you'll be able to find people with your same interest or the same sort of visions, or two different visions they could merge and seed up a new work. This platform will reveal this.

Location Hackney

About the space

Gentrified area, with lots of cafes and craft shops. Many choices. Stil a bit rough and scary during the night.


London Borough of Hackney

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