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The Pier on the Prom

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The Pier on the Prom

The Pier on the Prom

The Pier on the Prom By The Pier on the Prom

We want to save and restore a piece of our heritage. The Pier on the Prom is under threat of demolition; it can and should be used for the benefit of the community, together we can make it happen.

Widnes Idea stage

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Since C1906, the Pier on the Prom has stood proudly on the banks of the River Mersey. An Edwardian Folly, thought to be the last of its kind, it has served generations of Halton residents as a place to gather, play and relax, to escape the struggles of industrial life. Historically the promenade had been the centre of community events, with the Pier acting as a viewing platform.

With the decline of riverside events the Pier remained a place for the elderly to gather, fighting loneliness and isolation. Over the years it has fallen into disrepair but still represents community sprit, it is now earmarked for demolition.

The Pier on the Prom Group want to restore the Pier to its former glory. We wish to reinstate the heart of the community by providing a much needed heritage centre and community meeting place. Not only will the Pier preserve, promote and share the proud history of Halton, it will once again represent, a symbol of 'coming together', combating isolation and exclusion.

What we'll deliver:

  • • Breath new life into the promenade and surrounding area by reintroducing outdoor social events
  • • Create a heritage centre and meeting place for the promotion of the history of Halton
  • • Encourage new visitors to the area
  • • Form a co-operative of community groups, who need such facilities and share the same values of the Group
  • • Provide recreational and educational facilities, particularly for those who may have problems accessing them
  • • Repair and refurbish the structure of the Pier on the Prom

Why it's a great idea:

Like the relationship between parent and child, heritage is the foundation of what makes us; it needs to be explored and shared. If it's hidden, it may be lost forever.

Halton has a long and proud history which is grounded in more than just the chemical industry. The birth place of Lewis Carroll, 3 VC holders, the designer of the Lancaster Bomber and a Nobel Prize winner. It was home to many sporting heroes, entertainers and politicians.

We take for granted the river crossings, but how much do we really know about them; who was Ethelfleda, whom the railway bridge is named after? The famous Transporter bridge has been consigned to history and the fading memories of an older generation.

The Pier on the Prom will breathe new life into the heritage of the area. It will allow local community groups to carry out their work, especially with those who feel they have no opportunity to participate.

The Pier on the Prom will once again provide hope to those who feel forgotten or isolated.

Steps to get it done:

  • • Apply to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation
  • • Carry out further consultation with local residents, to ensure we meet their needs
  • • Consult with local businesses to gain their support
  • • Continue to work with Merseylink, LJMU, The Catalyst Museum and local Council
  • • Finalise the purchase of the building (via an asset transfer agreement)
  • • Undertake surveys to produce detailed plans and full costs
  • • We will continue to use the Merseylink Timebank initiative in any way we can

Through the Merseylink Timebank initiative we have already been provided with a structural survey of the Pier. This survey indicates that it is structural sound, however is in need of extensive renovation and remedial work, to prevent further deterioration of the building. The survey has estimated remedial work will cost in the region of £25,000, with a further £10,000 for renovations and £5,000 for equipment, insurances etc.

The Pier has stood for over a 100 years, longer than any living resident of Halton. It has withstood the ravages of age, the elements and war, it would be tragic to see its life ended by a bulldozer. With imagination, determination and more importantly your help, it can stand for another 100 years, becoming famous not just for what it is but also what it represents, the heart of a community.

This is not just an investment in a structure; it is an investment in a community, its children and their children. It is a vision of hope for an isolated community.

Location Widnes

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Tiny blue hut standing proud on the Mersey Riverbank, Widnes


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