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The Good Life comes to Seal

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The Good Life comes to Seal

The Good Life comes to Seal

The Inspire Federation By The Inspire Federation

We want to create a small farm on our primary school site. We want the children and local community to experience animal husbandry and interact with the animals to have a variety of experiences.

Seal Idea stage

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We have secured a small amount of funding to house chickens and bees on our primary school site from spring 2020. We chose to have these animals to start with, to teach the children: Where their food comes from How to harvest produce from farm animals Enhance their caring nature Health checking animals There is a beautiful by-product; the children will benefit greatly from the calm, non judgemental interaction that they cannot always gain from humans. We want to grow this feeling that is highly needed after C19 We would like to increase the range of animals now: goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, pigs and ducks. We feel that by increasing the animal range, access and experience, the children will be able to grow in the following ways: Socially Confidence Develop a caring and respectful nature This will give a sparkle to their young lives-what an opportunity! Since C19 these skills, morals and life experiences will have been missing, there is an even greater need now for children.

What we'll deliver:

  • Ensure the space is safe for animal and human use by adapting the space, adding services and introducing security
  • Design, build and create fit for purpose animal enclosures, both indoor and outdoor
  • Purchase all the nessasary safety, cleaning and working equipment needed for the range of animals and to maintain h&s
  • Purchase all the food/preventitive medicines/bedding needed for the first year
  • Create lesson plans for teachers to ensure the animals are also an educational tool
  • create a high quality, educational, enjoyable and accessible space for the community
  • create a suitable environment with enrichments for the range of animals
  • create a unique farm facility to be used, with a small donation for the upkeep of the animals, for the locals to enjoy
  • create many volunteering opportunities

Why it's a great idea:

We are seeing an increasing number of children entering their school lives with social, emotional and behavioural issues. Our school has already dedicated several actions to try and support them and to dissolve the pressures faced. We always belive in doing more for our children. For these children in particular, we can offer them an addition to curricular learning that is calm, peaceful, non-judgemental and rewarding. For all childrens wellbeing, especially after their long absence from school, having animals by your side, stroking them is proven to provide a calming influence. Pets are used as therapy accross the world, by stroking them and growing a relationship with them. Understanding where our food comes from. Our original reasons for doing this are strengthened by having a wider range of animals to observe, monitor, health check, and gleen produce from. I plan to educated the children on where the food comes from, using physical examples infront of us. Pure enjoyment

Steps to get it done:

  • start raising money for stage by stage works to start
  • employ the landscaper to stretch and level the area intended for use
  • meet with the young farmers president for any further help
  • raise enough money to employ the landscaper to install hand washing station
  • employ the kandscaper to install pathways and fences
  • employ the landscaper to erect fencing and gates in certain areas for safety
  • employ the landscaper to erect the housing, hardstanding and sheds for the animals
  • have raised enough money to pay the landscaper and move on to buying equipment for the animals welfare and human safety
  • if we have raised enough money, employ some interpretation and signage for the site for informtaion and safety
  • purchase the animals food and bedding
  • meet with the group of volunteers for training, organise a rota
  • install seccurity lighting and cctv
  • purchase the animals
  • publicise!

I am seeking advice from proffeessional bodies, visited a local community farm, having a site visit from the president of the young farmers association who will all be able to guide me as to what we can and cant have legally according to animal welfare rights and DEFRA. All risk assessments will be completed and shared with all staff. Parent helpers and the community will be invited to assist. All of the animals will endure the best care and supervision. Anything less than that and i will not house the animals in such a condition.

Location Seal

About the space

Custom Location


Kent County Council

How will the money be spent?Total £56,383

landscaper quote for the physical work - £36,734 (65%)
cost of animals - £2,500 (4%)
housing/coops/pens/fencing/arc - £2,226 (4%)
different types of husbandry and feeding euipment - £2,000 (4%)
information boards about each animal - £1,660 (3%)
signage for the farm x 4 to include sponsor logo, etc - £1,625 (3%)
benches x4 - £1,400 (2%)
cctv - £800 (1%)
elecric provision for security lighting - £700 (1%)
waste removal - £550 (1%)
Other - £6,188 (11%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. Before entering fundraising these costs will be confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified by the verifier.

landscaper quote for the physical work
cost of animals
different types of husbandry and feeding euipment
information boards about each animal
signage for the farm x 4 to include sponsor logo, etc
benches x4
elecric provision for security lighting
waste removal
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • initial cost of food and bedding for the animals
  • VAT
  • chicken coop
  • rabbit hutch and guinea pig indoor cage
  • outdoor double rabbit hutch with cover
  • 2 x guinea pig cages
  • fiberglass duck pond
  • rabbit run through tunnel
  • egg collection basket

Total £56,383

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