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Who are we?

Meet the team

The people who work at Spacehive share the vision and values of our community.

The Spacehive team are driven by the challenge of transforming the way we make local places - and working with some amazing people, businesses, councils and foundations along the way. We’re based in Spitalfields, East London.

Aoife Herr Picture

Aoife Herr

Head of Partnerships

Caitlin Hicks Picture

Caitlin Hicks

Partnerships Director

Thomas Mutton Picture

Thomas Mutton

Senior Developer

Tom Shakhli Picture

Tom Shakhli

Project Success Team Manager

Aggie Morris Picture

Aggie Morris

Project Success Manager

Fred Tarr Picture

Fred Tarr

Business Intelligence Manager

Chris Gourlay Picture

Chris Gourlay

Founder & CEO

Kirsty Kenney Picture

Kirsty Kenney

Strategic Business Development Manager

Scott Barnes Picture

Scott Barnes

Senior Business Development Manager

Greg Dewhirst Picture

Greg Dewhirst

Senior Business Development Manager

Michael Havard Picture

Michael Havard

Head of Business Development

Charlie Marchant Picture

Charlie Marchant

Project Support Manager

Chris Satterthwaite Picture

Chris Satterthwaite


Jennifer Marzullo Picture

Jennifer Marzullo


Andrew Marchant Picture

Andrew Marchant


Rory Curran Picture

Rory Curran


Niraj Dattani Picture

Niraj Dattani


Alex Stephany Picture

Alex Stephany