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Support Our Trail Blazing Eco Church...

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Support Our Trail Blazing Eco Church...

Support Our Trail Blazing Eco Church...

Saint Mark's Church By Saint Mark's Church

Saint Mark's Church, in Westcliff On Sea, are proving themselves to be trail blazers by wildscaping their church and the surrounding land to create a thriving community hub for residents AND wildlife.

Westcliff-on-Sea Idea stage

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Saint Markʼs Church is situated in an underprivileged area in Southend On Sea (located in a pocket between more affluent areas) where previously rubbish & even needles were thrown over its border walls. It’s regenerating itself to serve the area the very best that it can: the vision being to transform a neglected space into a sanctuary space (a thriving, community hub) to lift up & serve the local community AND to also serve the local wildlife. The wildscaping work being done, is as follows… Access points (for the public/wildlife) have been cut into the border walls. Benches are being placed for residents to find peace within the new gardens. ‘Discovery Patchesʼ (for both eco & educational purposes) are dotted everywhere. Hedgehog corners are being created as well as 2 ‘bird sanctuaryʼ spots. Fruit trees/bushes will serve the local community plus water sources. Bat, Bird & Bee bricks are being inserted into the church walls themselves. And more...

What we'll deliver:

  • Over 100 new plants, trees ( plus trellises and wall climbing plants)
  • Hedgehog & bird habitats (in protected spaces)
  • Insect hotels
  • Benches and quiet sanctuary spaces for residents to find peace within
  • Two 'Fruits Of The Forest Spots' packed with fruit trees and bushes to feed the local community
  • Two bird bricks, two bat bricks and one bee brick
  • Eco-educational opportunities for local children groups
  • Herbs for local residents to take home to their own kitchens
  • A workshop to guide residents through the new space and offer bespoke advice on wildscaping their own gardens

Why it's a great idea:

The benefits are just astonishing, to local residents and all of the local wildlife. In the words of Mother Cherry... "Committing to how we can best serve our neighbours, has enabled us to consider the mental health of those who have really suffered during the pandemic, thinking ahead to having the services of a counsellor who would work in conjunction with the sensory, contemplative garden space; to consider how we raise awareness of the plight of local species through engaging children and families in growing of plants and protecting the habitats; offering workshops with experts so that people will take the skills and knowledge back to their own gardens, if they have them. Letting the wildscaped area become a ‘garden’ for those without one. We are also excited to welcome the Scouts, Beavers and Cubs to use the church building/gardens free of charge. We are also excited to see how the new wildscaped space can (freely) benefit schools and care homes, as colourful, sensory spaces."

Steps to get it done:

  • Planting all trees and plants.
  • Creating hedgehog and bird habitats.
  • Inserting bird, bat and bee bricks.
  • Placing at least one bench into the space for local residents to use.
  • Placing a rose covered arch over the newly knocked down (in the wall) access to the garden.
  • Fruit trees/bushes will serve the local community (plus water sources for wildlife).
  • Discovery Patches will be growing up from the earth, dotted amongst all of the herbs and flowers and trees.

As the luscious topping on this very rich cake, the church (in a move applauded and shouted about nationwide by UK Ecologists and Biologists) is setting an example for all to follow by signing an agreement (for a minimum of 3-5 years) to allow the land to thrive in its wildscaped layout AND to never use pesticides or poisons (as they negatively impact the entire eco system).

Location Westcliff-on-Sea

About the space

Custom Location


Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

How will the money be spent?Total £6,863

Gardener/Wildscaper - £2,160 (31%)
Plants & Trees & Trellises - £1,200 (17%)
Design and Project Management - £1,152 (17%)
Builders Day Rate (wall & habitat bricks) - £600 (9%)
Ground preparation - £600 (9%)
2 bird bricks - £306 (4%)
2 bat bricks - £242 (4%)
5 Ceramic bowls - £30 (0%)
1 bee brick - £30 (0%)
Other - £543 (8%)

Costs Breakdown

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Plants & Trees & Trellises
Design and Project Management
Builders Day Rate (wall & habitat bricks)
Ground preparation
2 bird bricks
2 bat bricks
5 Ceramic bowls
1 bee brick
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £6,863

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