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Superfast Fibre Broadband for Pegasus

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Superfast Fibre Broadband for Pegasus

Superfast Fibre Broadband for Pegasus

Rob Moore By Rob Moore

The estate does not have fibre broadband connectivity because the cabinet is only supplied by copper. OpenReach have quoted £4684 for us to upgrade that cabinet and we want to crowdfund for it.

Southend-on-Sea Idea stage

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This is an appeal to ask for your contribution to co-fund an upgrade of the Pegasus estate’s internet connection to enable Superfast broadband. If everyone contributed a one-off payment of £40 per household, BT OpenReach can be contracted to install Fibre-To-The-Cabinet (FTTC) for whole estate. We would ask those who run a business from the estate or who work from home or are heavy gamers or streamers to contribute a little more to offset those who cannot contribute the £40. In addition, if anyone is passionate about making-sure we get this done or wishes to be a benefactor for the community as a whole, we invite higher contributions. Through a recent door-to-door exercise and email survey we believe we have a good chance of getting the funds together. Contributing will not automatically give you a faster broadband service but it would mean you could upgrade to a faster service with your phone company if you wanted to.

What we'll deliver:

  • OpenReach will be paid to install fibre to the cabinet. Residents are then free to select any broadband service provider

Why it's a great idea:

Studies have shown that the availability of Superfast broadband adds around 3-4% to the value of the property. Conversely, not having Superfast broadband can reduce the value of a property by 20% compared to a similar house with access to Superfast broadband. THERE IS ALREADY EVIDENCE that the absence of Superfast connection is affecting house prices on the estate with several recent buyers having thought twice about buying with no fibre connectivity in place. Currently we have a maximum of about 10Mbps but with Superfast we would have at least 24Mbps (but probably somewhere between 30 and 60). Unless we act, our current speeds are likely to DECREASE further as a greater load is placed on the existing copper wires. Government-funded schemes are unlikely to help us as they focus on rural areas. The security and safety of the estate may be increased as residents take advantage of streaming video connections for CCTV in their houses.

Steps to get it done:

  • Receiving the full funding to proceed, provided the quote does not change
  • Placing the order with OpenReach after diligence on the contract
  • Waiting for the fibre to be installed (guaranteed within 12 months)

If successfully completely funded, the money would be paid to OpenReach for the work. If not completely funded, the money will be returned to those who paid-in. There may be a small loss in this case if fees are incurred. There is no return on investment. This is a donation to help everyone on the estate get access to the broadband we should have on this estate. The following individuals are behind this campaign so please feel free to contact us through this platform or directly on the estate: Rob Moore, 5 Lifstan Walk. Daniel Howard-Spitzer, 21 Eros Avenue. Stuart Smith, 10 Hera Close. Abe Azam, Athena Close.

Location Southend-on-Sea

About the space

Pegasus (Southend)


Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

How will the money be spent?Total £5,405

Order the installation - £4,684 (87%)
Solicitor to check contract (estimate) - £200 (4%)
Other - £521 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. Before entering fundraising these costs will be confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified by the verifier.

Order the installation
Solicitor to check contract (estimate)
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT


This project is enabled for overfunding. If the project hits its funding goal before the end of the campaign period, any extra funds raised will be spent (in order of priority) on:

  • If there are over-payments made, the excess will be paid to the Pegasus (Southend) Management Company Limited.

Total £5,405

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