Story Aid - Everyone has a story!

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Story Aid - Everyone has a story!

Story Aid - Everyone has a story!

Jonathan Higgins By Jonathan Higgins

StoryAid will give people the opportunity to be given help in their time of need.

Worcester Idea stage

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David Smith’s family is facing eviction. He spent his first birthday in a homeless shelter and ever since his family have been trying to make ends meet.

David’s Mom is getting assistance but not enough to cover the rent, utilities and the other things they need. One of the bigger, but very important expenses, are my nappies. My mom and I are working on getting trained so I won't need the nappies anymore, but it's a work in progress.

My mom is facing an eviction and we are hoping to find donors who can help us pay the back-rent. We are forever grateful to anyone who can help us during this difficult time.

My Mom, told our story via a mini blog on StoryAid. It was published and people contribute after hearing our story.

‘StoryAid’ is a scheme in where people who are in financial trouble can get funds raised by the public. Think of it as Crowdsourcing for people in need.

UPDATE: After raising the £1,500 by the good public, we’re able to pay our rent.

What we'll deliver:

  • We'll expand from city to city
  • We'll point people in the right direction if they need further help
  • We'll provide help and guidance for local people in need

Why it's a great idea:

It's a great idea as it's people orientated. We all have a story to tell. Sometimes we need aid in these stories. StoryAid will give people a platform in order to tell their stories to a wider community.

StoryAid will promote equality and diversity and provide a place for people to write or tell their story so that they can get heard.

StoryAid doesn't have all the answers, but we'll be able to point people in the right direction if their funding isn't met.

Steps to get it done:

  • We'll graft hard to get the partners and funding to make this work.
  • We'll rent a space in a location which is accessible to all.
  • We'll source consoles which will provide a step by step guide for the person who's creating a story.

Location Worcester

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How will the money be spent?Total £19,588

Retail Space - £8,700 (44%)
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5 Consoles - £1,000 (5%)
5 Software Licenses - £1,000 (5%)
Other - £1,888 (10%)

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Retail Space
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5 Consoles
5 Software Licenses
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Total £19,588

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