solarbox Brixton

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solarbox Brixton

solarbox Brixton

solarbox London By solarbox London

solarbox is a a free solar powered charging point for smart phones located in a transformed telephone kiosk. Following the success of our pilot at Tottenham Court Road we are crowdfunding solarbox 2.

Brixton Idea stage

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The idea is very simple. It's about providing you, the public, with #freecharge.

We now want to bring solarbox to Brixton Road high street, right near the tube station. We would be transforming a space which has become a magnet for unsavoury business and a burden on the high street. By bringing a free charging point to all we would be giving a historic telephone box a purpose in the modern world.

As solarbox is a free service, our revenue stream is advertising. Inside solarbox you are faced with a single screen. As there is not much space the engagement the user has with the screen is very intense, making for valuable advertising space. We will use this screen to advertise local businesses from the high street, as well as local social enterprises, community groups, charities, artists and creatives. solarbox would become a place to find out what's going on in the local community - boosting local business and improving the look of the high street in line with London's green agenda.

What we'll deliver:

  • solarbox will take over a second phone box in Brixton
  • The box will be renovated off site and installed back into the ground as a solarbox.
  • We will deliver this within 12 weeks of being funded.
  • Maintenance costs come in at £15 a week.

Why it's a great idea:

This is an attempt to create a public space solution to a public problem. Not only does solarbox solve the problem of poor battery life on modern phones, it does so in an environmentally friendly which also revitalises an cherised, iconic public space which is now much blighted and misused.

The solarbox is completely off the grid and relies on a 12v solar panel which sits on top of the phone box and an integrated battery so that it can run all year round.

solarbox is open every day from 5:30am - 11:30pm every day.

Over the last five weeks solarbox has averaged around 60 users a day. We know that people are travelling to Tottenham Court Road just to get their dose of #freecharge.

In the aftermath of the launch, solarbox travelled around the globe making it onto BBC News, CNN, Reuters, The New York Times, Le Monde, Pheonix TV (Hong Kong) and Al Arabia. People all over the world are getting excited about solarbox, but we need your help to bring another solarbox to London.

Steps to get it done:

  • Arrange for the adoption of a phone box with the council and BT.
  • Work with our engineer to improve the design for our users.
  • Apply for a licence to install our technology.
  • Take the box out of the ground, renovate it off site and reinstall.

solarbox was set up by two LSE students, Harold and Kirsty. They enlisted the help of Derrick, a Dutch engineer (and aristocrat). Harold and Kirsty worked on solarbox alongside their studies until they graduated this July.

solarbox received numerous awards which helped realise the first kiosk. These came from UnLtd, LSE and The Mayor of London's Low Carbon Entrepreneur of the Year Award (funded by Siemens).

The first solarbox is in the borough of Camden, enabled with the support of Councillor Sally Gimson, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Environment and Councillor Awale Olad.

Current advertisers in the box include Time Out London, Uber, Tinder, One Water, Impact Hub and artist Yoni Alter.

InspireConspireRetire, a design studio in London, currently work as the Community and City Engagement Partners for solarbox. They tell stories revealing little known facts about the local area and celebrating local architecture.

Location Brixton

Brixton has 16 other projects and £905,000 in potential grant funding

About the space

Brixton high street, next to the tube station


Camden Council

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How will the money be spent?Total £1,479

Liscence - £947 (64%)
Maintenance costs at £15 a week for 26 weeks - £390 (26%)
Other - £142 (10%)

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Maintenance costs at £15 a week for 26 weeks
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