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SEE3 Suburban Safari

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SEE3 Suburban Safari

SEE3 Suburban Safari

Sydenham Arts Ltd By Sydenham Arts Ltd

An interactive public art project creating a trail of original animal-themed art in the SEE3 area: Forest Hill, Kirkdale and Sydenham together with regular performance events, High Street Happenings.

Lewisham Delivery stage

pledged of £44,576

Sorry this project was unsuccessful, we did not reach our fundraising goal.

Artists will create a ‘suburban safari’ of animal-themed artworks in the high streets. Students will also be encouraged to take part and work with artists to create the artwork as part of their curriculum. Art will be installed in places agreed by the community and by the artist including ‘pocket parks’, suitable nooks and crannies, doorways, shops and public buildings. The public, especially children and young people, will be encouraged to find the animals and take their own ‘safari selfies’ to upload to social media. At the end of the commission the artworks will belong to the community. Some will remain on permanent display (typically sculptures and installations) or might be sold off and the proceeds used to commission new items or maintain the permanent ones. SEE3 and Sydenham Arts will stage regular free ‘High Street Happenings’ - live music, dance and drama performances including a large-scale 4th of July Street Celebration to launch Sydenham Arts Summer Festival 2015.

What we'll deliver:

  • create independent panel of artists, traders, educators & community leaders to identify locations & commission artworks
  • commissioned artists consult wider community including traders & visitors to the high street to identify their needs
  • create a new animal-themed public art ‘safari’ for the general public to follow and share on social media
  • invite local schools, community groups and businesses to work with artists to develop site-specific art installations
  • produce and promote associated music, dance and drama events to run alongside the safari
  • sell artworks to self-finance further art commissions and maintain existing installations
  • stage a large-scale Street Celebration event launching the SEE3 Suburban Safari and July’s Sydenham Arts Summer Festival
  • plan with SEE3 Town Team to commission new projects that further utilise undeveloped and empty spaces

Why it's a great idea:

The high streets in the SEE3 area need more animation, excitement and footfall. Many local artists, both professional and amateur, will relish the opportunity to create highly visible artworks for the area. The safari will bring together three well-established local initiatives (SEE3, Sydenham Arts Ltd & Sydenham Artists) providing a focal point for families, schools, artists and businesses. Artworks will be site-specific and relate to the local areas, eg. Horniman Museum’s walrus, the mythical Sydenham dragon and black panther, the Crystal Palace park dinosaurs, as well as hybrid creatures from the artists’ imagination. This project will inspire a range of people of all ages, including community groups and traders, to engage with public art, explore their high streets, interact with artists, businesses and their local community in an original way. Sydenham Arts’ festivals and SEE3’s High Street Happenings have proven there is a local appetite for regular high-street focused animation.

Steps to get it done:

  • secure match funding for the project from ACE, Lewisham Council, Awards for All (Big Lottery) and business sponsorship
  • secure permissions from local authority & landowners and agree with the community, appropriate sites for animal artwork
  • invite local artists to tender for commissions by proposing site-specific artwork including in currently empty spaces
  • select the most appropriate artworks considering artistic merit, cost, timeframe and deliverability
  • develop the artwork in conjunction with local schools and learning groups
  • install and unveil the artwork through social media, music, dance and drama ‘happenings’
  • create and maintain dedicated social media sites to collate public documentation as an online resource
  • maintain the artwork and installations
  • commission new artwork with proceeds from sales
  • careful management and planning of the project will ensure delivery is on schedule, meets its aims and within budget
  • financial management will cost a project that delivers the optimum number of quality artworks for a realistic outlay

This project is a joint initiative by three very active community groups and organisations: SEE3, Sydenham Arts and Sydenham Artists, which have historically always included animation, activities and events in THREE high street locations - Forest Hill, Kirkdale and Sydenham. We have shown on the map just ONE of these locations - the ‘pocket square’ at Venner Rd, near to Sydenham station - as this will be a focal point for Sydenham Arts Summer Festival’s launch event and will feature on the Safari trail. This trail will extend from Horniman Museum, through Forest Hill, the length of Kirkdale, and from Cobbs Corner Sydenham to Sydenham Community Library at Home Park, Lower Sydenham.

Website links:

Location Lewisham

About the space

A public square next to Sydenham Rd (high street)



How will the money be spent?Total £44,576

SEE3 Suburban Safari artists fees - £10,000 (22%)
High Street Happenings performers fees - £4,500 (10%)
Sydenham Arts launch event staff costs - £3,181 (7%)
High Street Happenings marketing costs - £2,950 (7%)
High Street Happenings tech infrastructure - £2,700 (6%)
High Street Happenings staff costs - £2,100 (5%)
Sydenham Arts launch event tech infrastructure - £2,000 (4%)
Sydenham Arts launch event marketing costs - £1,720 (4%)
Sydenham Arts launch event musicians fees - £1,500 (3%)
High Street Happenings core costs (10%) - £1,225 (3%)
Other - £12,700 (28%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

SEE3 Suburban Safari artists fees
High Street Happenings performers fees
Sydenham Arts launch event staff costs
High Street Happenings marketing costs
High Street Happenings tech infrastructure
High Street Happenings staff costs
Sydenham Arts launch event tech infrastructure
Sydenham Arts launch event marketing costs
Sydenham Arts launch event musicians fees
High Street Happenings core costs (10%)
Other Read More
  • Transaction Fees
  • Spacehive fees
  • High Street Happenings contingency (9%)
  • SEE3 Suburban Safari core costs (10%)
  • SEE3 Suburban Safari contingency (9%)
  • Sydenham Arts launch event core costs (10%)
  • Sydenham Arts launch event contingency (9%)
  • SEE3 Suburban Safari marketing costs
  • SEE3 Suburban Safari staff costs
  • SEE3 Suburban Safari tech infrastructure
  • Sydenham Arts launch event other performers fees
  • Sydenham Arts launch event overheads
  • VAT

Total £44,576

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