Save Crossings! A Musical Home for All

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Save Crossings! A Musical Home for All

Crossings Community Group By Crossings Community Group

Refugees and asylum seekers can feel isolated from community spaces, affecting their well-being and mental health. Crossings aims to overcome this through the power of music.

Shieldfield Idea stage

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For a decade Crossings has cultivated a space in which refugees and asylum seekers in the North East of England can be affirmed as welcomed and valued members of the local community through collective music making and learning. However, the continuing financial pressures of tutor fees, venue hire, and maintaining the group’s status as free-of-charge has put Crossings’ invaluable work in a perilous situation. Crossings' reach goes beyond the Newcastle-Gateshead area with members coming from Sunderland, showing how valuable this safe space is for individuals' self-expression, creativity and well-being. Therefore, we'd like to keep providing the weekly tuition free-of-charge as well as cover travel expenses to give anyone in the region a chance to attend. Crossings' value stretches way beyond chords and rhythm, building a support network that can become a pillar of a person’s social interaction. In order to maintain that, we are calling on your support and generosity.

What we'll deliver:

  • Cultivate a safe community space for all where diverse cultures are celebrated
  • Provide weekly, free-of-charge, music sessions (choir, violin, guitar, percussion)
  • Encourage the development of our members’ skills, confidence and self-expression
  • Hold open mic nights to showcase the group's work to the wider community
  • Keep developing links with local organisations to allow members to explore the city and its cultural hubs

Why it's a great idea:

The current rhetoric in the media and public sphere surrounding refugees and asylum seekers concerns itself almost primarily with the fraught nature of their political status. Although there are many institutions doing important functional work to improve their situation in this context, Crossings is seeking to focus more on the human and emotional aspect of these stories, using music as the platform. Sometimes the battle to acquire a national insurance number isn’t enough to affirm someone’s identity, but, as has been proven time and again, creative expression through the prism of group music making often is just such a way, precipitating the social conditions in which it is possible to feel like a valued and contributing individual to a shared whole. We hope that through cultivating and showcasing the music of our members in the wider community, Crossings can help dismantle some of the stereotypes about marginalised groups. Help us continue to unite people with music!

Steps to get it done:

  • Paying for members' travel costs
  • Paying music tutors
  • Being able to rent a bigger space to store drums
  • Re-launch the drumming group
  • Create a Crossings Community band

Location Shieldfield

About the space

Cobalt Studios


Newcastle City Council

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How will the money be spent?Total £3,619

Tutor Costs for 3 months (£30/tutor, 4 tutors/12 weeks) - £1,440 (40%)
Rent for 3 months (£80/week, 12 weeks) - £960 (27%)
Travel Costs for 3 months (£4/person, 10ppl/week, 12 weeks) - £480 (13%)
Food & drinks (£15/week, 12 weeks) - £180 (5%)
Tutors fee for guest workshop open to the public (one/trimester) - £90 (2%)
Printing costs - £60 (2%)
Crossings mailing address fee - £60 (2%)
Other - £349 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Tutor Costs for 3 months (£30/tutor, 4 tutors/12 weeks)
Rent for 3 months (£80/week, 12 weeks)
Travel Costs for 3 months (£4/person, 10ppl/week, 12 weeks)
Food & drinks (£15/week, 12 weeks)
Tutors fee for guest workshop open to the public (one/trimester)
Printing costs
Crossings mailing address fee
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT


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Total £3,619

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