Safe place

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Safe place

Safe place

Tracey Hulley By Tracey Hulley

In a grand mother and live in teahouse I spend my days watching adults of all ages either drunk on drugs or just not invested or have little to no skills

Sunderland Idea stage

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Children are simply our future I want to help all kids are that drink drugs are not the normal way of life Show them that stress of life can be compared in other ways You go Dance Reading an actual book No devices Learn them simply cooking skills Show how if u get u get dressed have breakfast start your day right that can make while world feel that but easier I watch the police in my area of response estate going to same people for the same thing over over Walking about in pjs walking the streets weather it's a choice for the kids to grow up doing same mistakes is a matter of educating them along with the police as help not the enemy breaks my heart so what I want is different day for children from the last year of junior school to comprehensive to have one day a week of there choice to just be at a place Learn how to help there self with stress Do meditation Read book no internet no tv just home made meal lessons for confidence a stress free hang out To the cycle there

What we'll deliver:

  • Install kitchen
  • Booth with direct access for official help from authority
  • Meditation library confidence building a meal once a week
  • Safe space just to go if home life is abusive
  • Staff for safety in site
  • Cook
  • Meditation
  • Books
  • Chairs sofa dining
  • Confidence building

Why it's a great idea:

Hope to stop cycle of disruptive lives Safe space for kids no devices Stress kills too many ways to help there self combat any stress Confidence to get dressed not pjs to shop or friends Home cooked meal once a week more if possible Not just kids who - parents are in benefits for all kids Safety booth that they access in own for help from social workers police so if they don't want to tell Simone on site that's the place they can go in and police officers can be one red button away Red button to press direct to police to send to the child in booth where they can wait for an officer to come to them with out third party adult being involved

Steps to get it done:

  • After 6 month have a regular influx of children regular visit week in week out
  • Provide part time full time Coventry jobs
  • Show all children that putting mental health fist give them best chance of not being addicted to any drink drugs crimina
  • Save one child make a difference

Police need some to to parent these kids a little bit of how there life shud be lived so not to repeat parents or guardians mistakes Show them that everyday people do care Not a official place more a nana type environment with older people being the not watching or judging not worry what they say not internets but human contact with just talking reading or mediation with guarantee that one day week they get hot dinner And a red button booth for there safety with a direct emergency button to police in a safe room for them to wait for police Time show children see it not normal for drink drugs pjs all day No one cooking a home made meal show them that if I have kids u first priority is the kids Not load money just being thought of as worth more than drugs drink and what ever else they see adults doing I'm a grand mother of two girl and boy My daughter on benefits but not drink drugs mates puts them first like I them first always daughter her

Location Sunderland

About the space

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Sunderland City Council

How will the money be spent?Total £76,358

2 full-time staff - £23,000 (30%)
Refit to my purpose - £20,000 (26%)
2 part time staff - £11,000 (14%)
Having good supply to feed every child once week no matter what funding - £10,000 (13%)
Safe room red button emergency police assistant for child's use only - £5,000 (7%)
Other - £7,358 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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2 full-time staff
Refit to my purpose
2 part time staff
Having good supply to feed every child once week no matter what funding
Safe room red button emergency police assistant for child's use only
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £76,358

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