East Street - 'Saborcito Latino Forever'

East Street - 'Saborcito Latino Forever'

Carnaval del Pueblo By Carnaval del Pueblo

Carnaval del Pueblo will work with Studio Gil to design and create an East Street Latino themed dis-mantle Busking Zone and its furniture to be inaugurated on July 23, 2016, International Busking Day.

Southwark Delivery stage

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East Street, ‘Saborcito Latino forever’ Carnaval del Pueblo will leave an open air, Latino themed year round legacy of authentic Latino music and dance in East Street. A busking zone and its furniture will be created. By working with Studio Gil (Architecture Foundation Volume 3) to design a dis-mantable, equipped busking zone, regular music, year round, will invigorate the street bringing in new shoppers including residents of new buildings and increase spend in the area as well as a happy vibe for all. A Brazilian style inauguration will bring the Rio Olympics feel to East Street. Music has not been heard in the market since the turn of the century’s hurdy-gurdy presence (John Wallington, M.B.E, Southwark Association of Street Traders) meaning opportunity to attract families and their custom in the market is missed. It will complement the new Cdp Cultural and Entrepreneurial Hub, annual Plaza Latina festival and other initiatives to bring colour and family fun to a market

What we'll deliver:

  • design and build dismantle busking performance area
  • design and build dismantle seating furniture - local signage too
  • buy equipment to amplify and essential instruments/power
  • incorporate a Piñata Point for family celebrations
  • recruit architects, (consultancy/design/build) + inauguration artists

Why it's a great idea:

East Street Market was once thriving and glorious and now is severely in decline. A complete burst of new and bright and colourful activity will re-vive it completely making it a destination with niche market attraction based on the Latin American cultural heritage of 19 countries. Carnaval del Pueblo is on a journey whereby Peabody were won over and are re-furbishing 3 shops for Cdp with Studio Gil designs and help from the GLA and Southwark High Street Challenge, the University of Brighton students of Architecture were given 'design an East Street Stall' as a their l Live project and winners display in June at East Street, Cdp and Studio Gil are also in the prestigious London Festival of Architecture in June and Cdp also host 16 UCL students as part of the Global Citizenship Programme as well as deliver the Plaza Latina event - so a number of Latino culture inspired high profile things are taking place and combined will have a significant uplift and exciting impact on East Street.

Steps to get it done:

  • The Project Manager briefs the architect consultants who design the busking zone an create models to adjust then agree
  • Materials are bought
  • the Architects and their building team and volunteers construct the zone
  • equipment bought
  • marketing take place
  • musicians and artists are recruited
  • Further permissions from Southwark sought
  • schedules are agreed fees for artists
  • Busking Zone is inaugurated big time on the 23rd of July 2016 then continues weekly
  • ongoing evaluation, make any adjustments needed to keep project on track

The grass roots Latin Quarter in Elephant and Castle, built up over 45 years, will be dismantled as part of the £4b regeneration programme. Carnaval del Pueblo anticipated this and has brought a range of measures into East Street to encourage re-location in an affordable area and also to bring the street to life and attract new wealthier local people who have bought new high end accommodation into the street to spend and spend family leisure time. Today there are no coffee shops nor when to sit in the public realm and Carnaval del Pueblo addresses this with this project - a portable enjoyable/happy sitting and eating opportunity, enjoying attractive and exciting instruments as in centuries gone by - the accordion, the pipes, guitar and so on from Latino folk music. Interesting to note is that East Street market has no Latin American influences to date despite being 10 minutes walk from the traditional Latin Quarter of London. Carnaval del pueblo has created understanding.


Location Southwark

Southwark has 174 other projects and £4,150,000 in potential grant funding

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How will the money be spent?Total £26,713

Design, consultancy, model making - £4,000 (15%)
inauguration busking event, International Busking Day - £3,155 (12%)
music performing equipment - £3,035 (11%)
Project Manager - £3,000 (11%)
Zone building materials - £3,000 (11%)
construction of Zone - £3,000 (11%)
admin, marketing, running costs, evaluation, permission - £2,900 (11%)
busking session+materials - 3 - £500 (2%)
busking session+materials - 1 - £500 (2%)
busking session+materials - 4 - £500 (2%)
Other - £3,123 (12%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

Design, consultancy, model making
inauguration busking event, International Busking Day
music performing equipment
Project Manager
Zone building materials
construction of Zone
admin, marketing, running costs, evaluation, permission
busking session+materials - 3
busking session+materials - 1
busking session+materials - 4
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • busking session+materials - 2
  • VAT

Total £26,713

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