Rock'n'Roll Heritage Exhibition, London

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Rock'n'Roll Heritage Exhibition, London

Rock'n'Roll Heritage Exhibition, London

Rock and Roll Archive By Rock and Roll Archive

To create a touring exhibition that records London's Rock'n'Roll heritage with a focus on Waltham Forest in the 1970s. Educating local communities through interactive exhibits, dance classes & music

Waltham Forest Idea stage

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Waltham Forest used to be one of the epicentres of Rock’n’Roll in London in the 1970s and has a direct connection to the historic Teddy Boy march on the BBC in May 1976. The borough was full of pubs who played Rock’n’Roll and hosted live bands. You used to be able to go out every night of the week and have a rockin’ time. Sadly, times have changed. And not only have almost all of the rockin’ pubs gone from the borough, either closed, knocked down or converted to flats, it’s now hard to even find a proper Rock’n’Roll club. With this in mind, the Rock’n’Roll Archive was born over a night out at one of the remaining (if not the only) Rock’n’Roll clubs in the borough – The Chicken Shack. Why not record the history of Rock’n’Roll in the borough? We can teach those who live locally about a different aspect of the history of the borough, a different cultural history. Through the music, how we made our own clothes and the dancing.

What we'll deliver:

  • Curate and manage a range of pop-up exhibitions relating to Rock’n’Roll in Waltham Forest (London)
  • Establish educational links with local schools
  • Encourage local community and business involvement
  • Promote the exhibition to local and international tourists
  • Use the exhibition to establish a permanent living history museum

Why it's a great idea:

Rock’n’Roll is a hidden part of Waltham Forest’s history, a part that needs to be told and recorded. The exhibition will not only be there for those 'who were there' but will mean that the stories live on. It will give those who love the music and are proud to call themselves rockers or teddy boys or rockabilly a chance to tell their version of events. It’ll provide a different social history of the borough from a different heritage and community group who are not so well represented & will engage all ages and local groups through its diversity. By connecting with local schools and community groups we can pass on knowledge & empower others to develop skills & learn local history to be proud of.

Steps to get it done:

  • Buying audio and visual recording equipment
  • Recording the stories
  • Buying exhibition display boards
  • Creating the exhibition
  • Finding suitable locations to hold the exhibition (4 across the year)
  • Launch event(s)
  • Storage for when the exhibition is not on display
  • Creating educational items


Location Waltham Forest

About the space

Waltham Forest


London Borough of Waltham Forest

How will the money be spent?Total £47,427

Exhibition space rental - £24,000 (51%)
advertising - £4,000 (8%)
Venue (for recording) - £3,000 (6%)
Office space (desk, use of internet, phone, printer etc) - £2,000 (4%)
Events Management - £2,000 (4%)
Marketing - £2,000 (4%)
Video camera - £2,000 (4%)
Storage rental (one year) - £1,120 (2%)
Website - £1,000 (2%)
Display screens (TV 3) - £900 (2%)
Other - £5,407 (11%)

Costs Breakdown

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Exhibition space rental
Venue (for recording)
Office space (desk, use of internet, phone, printer etc)
Events Management
Video camera
Storage rental (one year)
Display screens (TV 3)
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Laptop
  • Transportation of exhibition
  • DJ (for launch event / exhibition openings)
  • VAT
  • Digital projector
  • stationary, office supplies
  • data storage
  • microphones


This project is enabled for overfunding. If the project hits its funding goal before the end of the campaign period, any extra funds raised will be spent (in order of priority) on:

  • We'll use any additional funding to host classes and workshops and to put towards finding a permanent location

Total £47,427

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