Restart Crawley's Clock Tower

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Restart Crawley's Clock Tower

Restart Crawley's Clock Tower

Alan Pontet By Alan Pontet

I propose to recover the Tower Clock which was in Queens Square, have it repaired, and have it re-erected in Crawley town centre at a place more fitting to its meaning.

Crawley Idea stage

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The Crawley Tower Clock it is a bespoke piece of architectural artwork; it was a gift to the new town, and celebrates both the London to Brighton veteran car run through the old town as the halfway point between London and Brighton and, the new town with its contemporary new town architecture. It was discarded only because it was unreliable but, surely, this was part of its charm - people found its unreliability amusing and they didn't take much notice of the time - they had watches - we now have pocket-phones More than its reliability, it was a local meeting point. My proposal is to have it recovered, repaired, and erected at the place where the old town opens to the new town - at the entrance to Broadwalk, on the centre of the brickwork cross outside the Brewery Shades. There, it will be seen from both old and new; it will each year be visible to the drivers of the veteran cars on their way along the High Street. Its chimes and its running little cars will be evocative.

What we'll deliver:

  • It should continue to be regarded as a meeting place, so, there should be no obstructions to access around and under it.
  • If funds allow, perhaps there could be a plaque nearby and which describes and explains the work of art.

Why it's a great idea:

The Tower Clock was one of a number of artworks presented to the new town and which included a Mosaic, a fountain with a boy and dolphin scupture, and a band-stand from the Gatwick Racecourse During the 1980s and 1990s, interest in them waned, and all but the band-stand were discarded. In more recent years a change of heart resulted in the bandstand being restored and more appropriately relocated to Memorial Gardens, and the Queens Mosaic has been restored and also relocated to Memorial Gardens. The boy and dolphin sculpture is currently under discussion whilst its present location is under redevelopment - hopefully, this can be relocated also to Memorial Gardens as a new water feature - something which Memorial Gardens currently lacks. This leaves the Tower Clock and which is currently in a privately-owned yard. The owner is apparently open to approaches for it. Relocating it to High Street will join it to the Anvil/Crow art-piece also on the High Street.

Steps to get it done:


Location Crawley

About the space

Crawley's old High Street meets the new town at the entrance to the Broadwalk. This is where I propose to re-site the Clock Tower.


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