Creating Blackpool's Resilience Pathway

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Creating Blackpool's Resilience Pathway

Creating Blackpool's Resilience Pathway

Blackpool HeadStart By Blackpool HeadStart

The Resilience revolution is creating a resilience pathway, building young people’s resilience and part of Blackpool’s town centre regeneration. This art installation will see 42 resilient moves etch

Blackpool Idea stage

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Blackpool HeadStart is leading the Resilience Revolution! The world’s first whole-town approach to resilience and the creation of the Resilience Pathway alongside the new tramway on Talbot Road will help us spread the word and encourage others to join us. The Resilience Framework (Hart & Blincow with Thomas 2007) contains 42 "resilient moves" and each of these will be depicted on a paving stone so that residents and visitors alike can learn how to build their resilience and the resilience of those around them With Big Lottery funding, the Resilience Revolution is building young people’s resilience across the town. The Pathway is a new idea, led by young people and not part of our original bid. Young people feel so passionate about the project they have started a fundraising campaign, to get the pathway built into the physical fabric of their town, leaving a legacy for generations to come and supporting the regeneration of the town.

What we'll deliver:

  • Lay 42 paving stones depicting "Resilient Moves"
  • Erect signage at each end of the Resilience Pathway

Why it's a great idea:

The Resilience Pathway will bring the community together in a fun and engaging way, enlisting more people into the Resilience Revolution. Everyone who lives, works or volunteers in Blackpool will have the opportunity to learn more about resilience and by putting it into practice address the inequalities that weigh heavy on our communities. The pathway will spread the word beyond Blackpool, teaching visitors about resilience, giving them a pathway into further learning and connecting them with activities available across the town The creation of the new tramway from Noth Station to the Promenade is a significant part of Blackpool's ongoing regeneration, and the Resilience Pathway will enhance the new layout by adding our art installation to the project The Resilience Revolution is funded for a further 3 years, but we need it be part of the DNA of the town, supporting the whole communities resilience. We will be creating sustainable change across the town and the Resilience Pathway i

Steps to get it done:

  • Paving stones laid by February 2019
  • Signage in place by February 2019
  • Digital platform to support the project in place by February 2019

Young people drive and influence everything we do in the Resilience Revolution, and the Resilience Pathway project is no different. Young people have designed the images that will appear on the paving stones, as well as converting the Framework wording to fit on the paving stones. We will be erecting signage at both ends of the Resilience Pathway that will explain more about the Resilience Framework, with links to more online information about the local area and resilience. Any backers who donate £500 or more will have the opportunity to be referenced on the signage, subject to numbers and ethical considerations.

Location Blackpool

Blackpool has 3 other projects and £345,000 in potential grant funding

About the space

Talbot Road, Blackpool, between Dixon Road and North Pier


Blackpool Borough Council

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How will the money be spent?Total £22,172

Production and laying of paving stones - £13,535 (61%)
Design, manufacture and erection of signage - £4,500 (20%)
Contingency pot for replacement of future breakages - £2,000 (9%)
Other - £2,137 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Production and laying of paving stones
Design, manufacture and erection of signage
Contingency pot for replacement of future breakages
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £22,172

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