Re-opening Stretford Public Hall

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Re-opening Stretford Public Hall

Friends of Stretford Public Hall By Friends of Stretford Public Hall

We did it! We OWN our beautiful public hall. We've already started work to convert it into a stunning arts and community venue. But we urgently need your help to get through these first few months.

Stretford Idea stage

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We are renovating Stretford Public Hall to create a vibrant venue for events, music, arts, theatre and wellbeing; a unique place for weddings, theatre, and community events. We will have space for support services, outreach and cultural events. There will be art workshops, gallery, cafe and markets. We will have local history projects, youth space and more. We will restore our hall to its former glory and add to the local community's pride in Stretford.

We have completed the transfer of the freehold of the hall, and have our first paying tenants BUT not enough yet to cover our monthly costs. We're in danger of bankruptcy before we get really started. We need help to cover the essential running costs of the Hall for the next few months while we get on with renovation, attracting more paying tenant and services, applying for grants and starting all the exciting other stuff. We will eventually be self sustainable but, like all new projects, we need a bit of help now to get us going.

What we'll deliver:

  • Your money will pay for those all important bills and prevent us from going bankrupt before we have a chance to shine.
  • Bring back Stretford Children's theatre to its original home
  • Create a vibrant and inclusive community space for all sorts of fun.
  • Nurture local businesses by providing flexible office and hot-desking space
  • Provide a meeting space, a venue for special events and a reason for people to visitors to spend time in Stretford
  • Return this much loved landmark to its rightful role at the heart of our community

Why it's a great idea:

Much loved as a landmark, Stretford Public Hall was built by John Rylands for the local community and has served as a public library, civic theatre, swimming baths and most recently council offices. In 2015, the Friends of Stretford Public Hall secured the freehold of the building.

Stretford is a town without a town centre, a community without a hub. Stretford needs somewhere where we can come together to eat, drink, dance and support each other. Somewhere for shows, comedy, music, weddings, and more. Somewhere we can be proud of.

The renovation and re-opening of Stretford Public Hall will create jobs and and opportunities for local businesses. It will bring visitors and kick-start the regeneration of our town centre.
The local community has already come together to secure the future of the hall. Now it's time to make that future a reality.

Steps to get it done:

  • Become a Coop and offer community shares
  • Form strong links with key partners
  • Open the hall regularly for special events while renovations are planned and carried out
  • Secure grant funding for major renovation works
  • Combine local knowledge and skills with the very best professional advice
  • Keep the community at the heart of all that we do

Trafford Council has shown its faith in our plans by choosing us to take over the hall. We have secured some grant funding already and will get much more to pay for big parts of the project, but we also need your help. Your donations will get us up and running, ensure that essential bills are paid like insurance, electricity, gas and water. Our volunteers and tenants have pledged to do many of the other stuff like cleaning, painting, maintenance work, roofing, gardening but we cant get away with not paying the bills.

Once we're fully open we will be able to cover these costs but until that happens we need every penny you can spare.

Soon we will be launching a membership scheme and a running a community share offer.

Please donate now and visit our website to find out about other ways to get involved in this once in lifetime project. Make it happen!

Location Stretford

About the space

Beautiful grade II listed Hall


Trafford Council

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How will the money be spent?Total £14,027

Water Bills for next 4 months - £4,100 (29%)
Electricity Bills for next 4 months - £3,040 (22%)
Building Insurance for next 4 months - £3,010 (21%)
Gas Bills for next 4 months - £2,210 (16%)
hone / Internet for next 4 months - £315 (2%)
Other - £1,352 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Water Bills for next 4 months
Electricity Bills for next 4 months
Building Insurance for next 4 months
Gas Bills for next 4 months
hone / Internet for next 4 months
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £14,027

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