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Relay Race

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Relay Race

Relay Race

Lidia  Dimitrova By Lidia Dimitrova

Our mission is to empower our communities to make voting and civic participation a cultural responsibility and tradition because voting is power.The power to affect real change.

Greenwich Idea stage

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Young people in rural areas are sidelined-they aren’t engaged in politics, especially orphans and teenagers with disabilities.They believe that they can’t make a difference,they think they don’t have the necessary resources to act.Youth have the lowest voter turnout(around 10%). Presumably many of them will grow up to have children who are less likely to vote if their parents don't.Politicians know who votes–the older people and they concentrate on their problems.The youth issues are not discussed in our political landscape.Politicians see young voters as “not likely voters”.They don’t reach out to them in any given election.Young people again don’t vote, and the vicious cycle continous.In the Bulgarian civic deserts there are no chances for political engagement and education.I’m directly is suffering from the isolation because I live in a rural area. I fell that I and my peers are the last group that the politicians want to talk to. I’m scared about the future of youth in rural areas

What we'll deliver:

  • Youth(17-19 years old)’ll meet politicians and experts.
  • The students’ll be educated how to make a politician campaign and 'll make their prototype.
  • Youth’ll work in groups on personal civic project which’ll have to realize.
  • Youth’ll get feedback, mentorship and financing.
  • The trained young people’ll share their knowledge and projects in primary schools.
  • In the classrooms’ll be organized a voting simulation with real equipment.
  • Event with musicians and motivational speakers.

Why it's a great idea:

Through the project young people’ll understand that the change needs to happen from inside out, from the grassroots, the change which is durable and sustainable. They’ll realize that they need to identify the problem in their own words and to create the solution with their own hands. When people create things themselves, they own them in a special way. Young people’ll be supported to act. They’ll have the chance to understand the political processes and the importance of voting. Orphans and children with disabilities’ll feel connected with their peers. Politishians’ll understand better the youth issues in the civic deserts.We expect to increase the number of young voters.The young partisipants’ll start volunteering projects solving local problems. The project’ll broaden the horizons of youth (leadership, public speaking, presentation, civic education).

Steps to get it done:

  • 1.Connecting with politicians
  • 2.Creating a website
  • 3.Youth’ll meet politicians and experts
  • 4.The trained young people’ll share their knowledge in primary schools
  • 5.Realising 3 youth projects: environmental, cultural and civic, charity project.
  • 6.Event

We will create a website where’ll be published social challenges,youth ideas and initiatives.Every participant’ll be collecting points for civic participation.


Location Greenwich

About the space

The area include small towns without an access to civic education and possiblities for development.



How will the money be spent?Total £3,120

Event - £1,000 (32%)
Seminar - £500 (16%)
Educators - £300 (10%)
website - £200 (6%)
Environmental project - plants, supplies - £200 (6%)
School materials - small educational printmaterial - printing - £200 (6%)
Art project matrials, camera rental, exhibition rental, printing - £150 (5%)
Rental - £80 (3%)
Transportation - £70 (2%)
posters - £69 (2%)
Other - £351 (11%)

Costs Breakdown

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Environmental project - plants, supplies
School materials - small educational printmaterial - printing
Art project matrials, camera rental, exhibition rental, printing
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Civic project supplies
  • VAT

Total £3,120

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