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R3 Project

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R3 Project

R3 Project

Manor Park Residents Association By Manor Park Residents Association

Manor Park is the Gateway to London but that gateway is falling down around us! We want to fix that and have a project that will make people feel proud as they enter our wonderful city!

Newham Idea stage

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Travel down Romford Rd and you will see broken pavements, boarded up shops, poor street lighting, fly tipping and lots of unhappy residents - but it doesn't have to be like this! We want people who live in the gateway to London to feel proud of their unique location and their historic streets and buildings. We believe that just a key project on Romford Rd will make a big difference to London, the area and its residents. Our residents are some of the hardest working and friendliest people in London but they feel like they're abandoned and that the city doesn't want to invest in them. Our children feel that their only options are crime or even radicalisation and we want to change that! We propose that the R3 Project takes place allowing improvements to the historic crossroads at the junction of Romford and Station roads near Manor Park station, forming a hub that attracts investment and improves the quality of life for our residents offering an alternative to crime or radicalisation.

What we'll deliver:

  • Create a community board for public and private announcements for the Manor Park Residents
  • Build a community arch that sits over the Romford Rd / Station Rd junction showing Manor Park as 'the gateway to London'
  • Create green spaces at the Romford Road / Station Road junction through trees, shrubs and lamp post plants
  • Create outside 'reading hubs' outside the Manor Park Library at the the Romford Road / Station Road junction
  • Improve lighting at the Romford Road / Station Road junction
  • Improve street paving at the Romford Road / Station Road junction
  • Improve traffic management at the Romford Road / Station Road junction

Why it's a great idea:

This is more than a great idea - it is vital! Manor Park is one of the last areas of London that has not had any major investment and it shows. The area is also one of the most impoverished in the UK. Our residents want to feel like they are being remembered and that the City cares for them and they want to help themselves too.

This idea will make that happen and create a momentum that will allow Manor Park to catch up with the rest of the city and the rest of the country and help keep our children happy and safe.

R3 stands for Romford Road Regeneration Preoject

Steps to get it done:

  • The arch design will be created in competition through local schools with an unveiling by the winner
  • The community board will be managed by the MPRA working with the local council
  • The pop-up market will become a real draw for investment through visitors. It will showcase world street foods
  • Green spaces will be designed by local schools who will 'own' a space each and will use it for eco-projects
  • Reading hubs will be sponsored by businesses who will be allowed to put some discreet branding on them

As the rest of the country continues to grow, Manor Park has been left behind - we need to change this and we need to make the Gateway to London a place that everyone can be proud of - The R3 Project will achieve this!

Location Newham

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Crossroads A117 / A118


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