Tempo Time Credits

Joined Spacehive on 22 February 2019

We work in partnership with local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health Boards, housing providers, health and social care providers, schools, voluntary organisations and businesses to fund, co-design and deliver each Time Credits programme.

Time Credits programmes build connections at a local level by joining up the public, private and voluntary sectors in a community. Individuals earn Time Credits through a network of local community organisations, charities and services that we engage and support to reach new people and thank existing volunteers with Time Credits.

We develop spend partnerships with public, private and voluntary sectors that enable individuals to access a wide range of positive activities. Spend opportunities across our UK network can be accessed by members from any programme. For example, someone might earn some Time Credits by volunteering their time for a community group in Lancashire, and choose to spend them on a visit to one of the many London attractions that accept Time Credits in exchange for entry.

Support for projects:

In the City of London, we can help community groups recruit, retain and recognise people who volunteer their time to local events, causes or services.


We can offer support with Training, Volunteers


We can offer support with Digital Advertising, Publicity