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24/07/2018 - 17/12/2018

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We are interested in:

Sport & Play

Parks & Gardens

Arts & Culture


Food & Farming

Streets & Infrastructure

That will impact:

Helped the environment

Boosted the economy

Increased volunteering, jobs & education

Supported arts, culture & heritage

Promoted activity & leisure

In the following areas:


Gateshead Thrive Fund (Crowdfunding)

This fund supports Gateshead - based voluntary and community sector organisations delivering activities and services for the benefit of the residents and communities of Gateshead.

Projects we're interested in funding

The Gateshead Thrive Fund is looking to support projects which:

  • Impact upon the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in Gateshead
  • Make a demonstrable difference to the lives of residents, including children and young people, older people, people with disabilities
  • Help build participation, engagement and neighbourliness within communities
  • Improve the environment
  • Address poverty 
  • Tackle social isolation
  • Develop and increase volunteering

The outcomes of our fund

Projects will need to demonstrate clear support for the development and delivery of one or more of the Council’s five pledges within its five-year strategic approach, ‘Making Gateshead a Place Where Everyone Thrives’:

  • Put people and families at the heart of everything we do
  • Tackle inequality so people have a fair chance
  • Support our communities to support themselves and each other
  • Invest in our economy to provide sustainable opportunities for employment, innovation and growth across the borough
  • Work together and fight for a better future for Gateshead

More information can be found at: 

Who can apply and how much can be requested?

Constituted voluntary and community sector organisations or groups based in Gateshead with an annual income of less than £250,000 Up to 50% of the total project, to a maximum of £1,500