Why we are on Spacehive

London Councils is a cross-party organisation that represents London’s 33 local authorities. We aim to get the best deal for Londoners and ensure that all our members have the resources and freedoms necessary to do the best possible job for their residents and local businesses.

We see Spacehive as a unique resource which provides Londoners the space to showcase and gain support for their great ideas, helping develop each borough for the better in the process. We want to create an environment where everyone can have a say in shaping London, whether they’re looking to create a project themselves, or support one that will improve a space they care about.

We also want to act as a flagship to promote crowdfunding across all London Boroughs. By supporting the ideas of residents which are backed by the community and local businesses, boroughs can become much more cohesive and residents can drive civic improvement.


The London Councils Hive

Check out our hive to see the best projects London has to offer.


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