Why we are on Spacehive

As the UK’s largest network of community-led organisations, our job is to ensure that as many groups as possible receive support and have access to the tools needed for their amazing work to be fully recognised and valued. Spacehive provides a powerful resource for lots of these groups, in not only giving their projects the online presence and profile they deserve, but also the opportunity to access funding from a far wider audience.

Locality plays a key role in the Spacehive ecosystem, as Project Verifier. As Spacehive projects are in the civic environment, it’s crucial that all the necessary checks to ensure the project can be delivered are carried out before the project can begin receiving funds. Our unique verification process is carried by a skilled and dedicated team, who provide the confidence to potential backers that their cash will be well spent, and also assures Project Creators that their fantastic idea is deliverable. 



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Our Hive contains a wide range of fantastic projects that we've been delighted to support


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