Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing

Joined Spacehive on 18 October 2019

We manage approximately 22,000 homes for Kirklees Council.

Our vision is to create homes and places where people want to live and have a sense of belonging. We want our homes and communities to enrich and enable our tenants to achieve their potential and live happy lives.

We have a small pot which we use to support projects which benefit residents of KNH managed estates. The deadline for applying to the funding pot is Friday 6th March 2020. Projects who received a pledge from us can also run a crowdfunding campaign as part of Growing Great Places for any gap in funding.

If you miss the March 6th 2020 deadline, the next round is likly to be in July/August. 

Support for projects:

Projects by Tenant and Residents' Associations (TRA) or groups working with TRAs which improve the environment, community safety and community spirit.


We can pledge up to £2,000 to projects