Heart of Experian Charity Fund

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Why we are on Spacehive

The Heart of Experian Charity Fund was set up to help small groups and organisations who need support in tough financial times. We admire smaller groups for their passion and determination to make a difference, and by providing some investment, we hope to make a difference to them.

Partnering with Spacehive is a great way to not only ensure that we’re reaching as many groups as possible, but also gives us the ability to promote new methods and streams of funding that are available to them. The tough financial times aren’t getting any easier in the immediate future, and we recognise the importance in supporting and rewarding groups that are working hard to actively seek funds through as many different means as possible.

Every quarter we hand out grants of up to £5,000 for each applicant, as well as staff volunteering, and by match funding Spacehive projects we see our grant funding go further, and support more organisations.



Funding for your project!

Every quarter we pledge up to £5000 to Spacehive projects that relate to financial inclusion and social entrepreneurship


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