Gower Power Co-op CIC

Joined Spacehive on 16 November 2020

Gower Power aims to reshape the economy into a more sustainable, people-focused model that delivers energy and food security and empowers communities while respecting and protecting the planet.  

You can find out more about what we do and why, on our website.  

We put assets into community ownership, pay our community shareholders a good return on their investment and use the surplus income to fund community projects in the county of Swansea.  Our current scheme distributes funds arising from sales of green energy produced here in Swansea.  

We support: food growing which improves soil health (particularly organic/biodynamic); projects that increase biodiversity and help the environment; projects that improve access to healthy food for people on low incomes; and projects that reduce the health inequalities between Swansea’s different populations.  We like to support crowdfunding campaigns (or to match other funds) with small grants, in order to lever more into our community.  

We don’t tend to advertise our fund because it is limited and our priorities are quite specific; we have good connections around Swansea with organisations and partners who connect us with projects that make the difference we want to see.  If you have a good idea for one, please get in touch.

Support for projects:

Gower Power uses funds from the sale of green energy to provide grants for projects that grow food, improve biodiversity, or reduce health inequality.


We can pledge up to £3,000 to projects