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01/11/2017 - 01/09/2018

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Exeter City Futures Impact Fund

Got a project idea that helps improve congestion and energy use in your local area? Get a boost from us with up to £1000 for your project.

Projects we're interested in funding

We are looking forward to supporting projects that have been designed by community groups and individuals to address local problems around congestion and energy use. Projects we want to support include; - Projects that encourage people to think about their local environment and remove the barriers to walking and cycling. This can be anything from organising car free days, pop-up parks instead of car parking, renovating waste ground to make better spaces for kids to play or even campaigns to promote active transport and energy reduction at local events. - Creative and innovative ideas which encourage people to chose more active modes of transport, to access outdoors activities or to consider their energy usage - from arts projects to high tech energy monitoring solutions. - Small, grass-roots projects that are getting people involved and making a big difference. Please note: - Everything on Spacehive must be a project. - A project is something with a clear end, like installing filtered permeability, building a cycle park, or putting on a sustainability festival. A project will eventually be completed, and something tangible will be produced as a result. - Projects must have a civic value, meaning the benefit should be felt in the places we share, rather than our private homes and offices. Projects can be permanent (like a new park) or temporary (like an event) and they can include revenue as well as capital costs.

The outcomes of our fund

We want to help create delightful places to live. The vision for Exeter is bold and presents many challenges that will need to be solved. We believe that everyone in our local communities can play a part in making our City a better play to live, work and play. What better way to do this than directly supporting local projects that can make a real difference and improve congestion and energy use within our Communities; whether it's a project that increases opportunities for active transport and outdoor play, or a project that incentivises communities to consider ways to reduce energy. While we will give priority to projects that address the goal of Exeter City Futures to reduce congestion and energy, we are always open to consider innovative projects that will help Exeter become a healthier and more sustainable city. To discuss this further please contact us on

Community Crowd Funding Workshop

Exeter City Futures has launched a movement on Spacehive - a civic crowd-funding portal, where anyone with project ideas that address the city challenges around congestion and energy, can share their idea, build support from the community, connect with a like-minded crowd and pitch for funding. All projects are required to meet the approval of the project delivery manager to make sure they are eligible for our movement and to ensure that they have the best chance of success. Projects that meet with our criteria will be given additional support as they set up and run their campaign through regular meetings and workshops.