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The Redbridge Music Lounge By The Redbridge Music Lounge

This project will support and promote a wide variety of street performances in Ilford High Road; identify suitable sites and develop a regulatory framework for managing busking in the future.

Ilford Idea stage

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Ilford High Road is a busy pedestrianised high street which regularly has visiting markets. At the moment people come to Ilford High Road to shop and go when they have finished; when the shops close the High Road is largely deserted. Currently there are no busking controls adopted in Redbridge and essentially busking may take place anywhere unregulated, save for the ‘obstruction’ principles in the Highways Act which tends to mean that the standard of acts who do perform is poor.
This proposal aims to create an environment which encourages and facilitates high quality busking through a managed programme. The project will be run by Redbridge Music Lounge, a local music charity supported by Vision RCL and Redbridge’s Licensing team.
Funding from the Mayor of London’s High Street Fund will start the process of making Ilford a busking friendly location; thereby directly supporting the ‘Busk In London’ initiative and building on Redbridge’s reputation for nurturing musical talent.

What we'll deliver:

  • Deliver a busking programme in Ilford town centre between May – December 2015
  • Set up a dedicated website and social media presence to publicise busking opportunities within the borough and beyond
  • Develop a policy statement for adoption by the Council outlining Redbridge’s approach to busking
  • Establish a mechanism to register performers and book performance slots that can be managed by RML in the future
  • Establish four points around Ilford High Road as designated busking areas identified by project banner and busking mat
  • Identify and recommend permanent busking locations in Ilford town centre
  • Purchase four sets of equipment – PA, microphone and stands which will be stored centrally and available for artist use

Why it's a great idea:

Our experience of running music festivals over the last 12 years has shown that the local community find live music enormously enjoyable and it provides an opportunity for local musicians to showcase the considerable talents contained amongst the diverse communities that make up Ilford and the wider London Borough of Redbridge. At the moment we have a waiting list of musicians wanting to sing and play, we do not have enough opportunities available to allow everyone to perform.

Enhancing the cultural milieu of the centre of Ilford has a number of other benefits. Outdoor performances act as a magnet and draw people in to watch or listen increasing the probability that people will stay around and visit local shops. A thriving town centre can act as a force that increases social cohesion, improving local people’s perception of Ilford as a good place to live; it can contribute to a reduction in crime and antisocial behaviour and can improve the value of the local economy.

Steps to get it done:

  • The project coordinator supported by a team of volunteers will manage the busking pitches
  • The project will be led by Redbridge Music Lounge, an established local music charity
  • We will commission a design company to develop the programme brand, website and additional marketing materials
  • Equipment will be purchased including dedicated busking mats to enable pitches to be easily identifiable
  • Support from Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure and LB Redbridge, Ilford BID and The Exchange Ilford shopping centre
  • The website will include an initial registration system for acts and a mechanism where performers can book slots


Location Ilford

About the space

Four busking pitches in and around Ilford High Road


Redbridge / Vision RCL

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How will the money be spent?Total £21,178

Project Website & Booking System - £5,000 (24%)
Coordinator 1 day/week for 48 weeks @ £100 per day - £4,800 (23%)
Coordinator 1 day/week for 48 weeks @ £100 per day - £4,800 (23%)
Amplification & Equipment - £1,650 (8%)
Busking Mats - £1,000 (5%)
Branding & Print Materials - £1,000 (5%)
T Shirts & Banners - £500 (2%)
Branding & Print Materials - £500 (2%)
Volunteer Expenses - £240 (1%)
Other - £1,688 (8%)

Costs Breakdown

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Project Website & Booking System
Coordinator 1 day/week for 48 weeks @ £100 per day
Coordinator 1 day/week for 48 weeks @ £100 per day
Amplification & Equipment
Busking Mats
Branding & Print Materials
T Shirts & Banners
Branding & Print Materials
Volunteer Expenses
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £21,178

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