Out Loud Community Venue!

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Out Loud Community Venue!

Out Loud Community Venue!

Out Loud Music CIC By Out Loud Music CIC

To create a high quality, versatile community space: a space to involve, integrate and inspire the disadvantaged young people within our community.

Ipswich Idea stage

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We are a not for profit CIC created to engage and inspire disadvantaged young people in the Ipswich area, giving them a safe and inspiring environment to play music together, make new friends and grow in confidence. Initially our work focused upon young people with additional needs, but as our skills and activities have developed, we are beginning to work with a wide range of customer groups and settings, such as mainstream and SEN schools, Pupil Referral Units, NEET and ethnic minority groups.

Our focus and development of the enterprise has moved from supplying workshops to providing a multi-purpose venue for the community. Out Loud Music currently operates from Punch Studios’ premises, however there is not enough space to run the workshops due to customer demand. Instead of re-locating the service to a village or church community space it is our aim to create a high quality space ourselves: a space to involve, integrate and inspire young people within our community.

What we'll deliver:

  • Audio and Video Equipment; computer, PA system, mixing desk, camera, editing software etc.
  • Audio and Video Equipment; computer, PA system, mixing desk, camera, editing software etc...
  • Electrical Work, move existing board, re-wire venue to spec and lighting.Heating and cooling system
  • Furnishing; sofas and tablesDrinks machine; tea, coffee etc...
  • Totally refurbish and soundproof a run down town centre office including all building work
  • Drinks machine; tea, coffee etc...
  • External and internal signs
  • Green Screen and Staging area
  • Lighting & light boxes for green screen and stage
  • New Flooring, new walls and ceiling (acoustically soundproofed) including resilient bars, stud work ,insulation etc.
  • Painting & Decoration
  • Pay builder and contractors wages/fees, painting & decoration RSJ construction work and calculations

Why it's a great idea:

It is a great idea because; there is a high need for safe and inspiring community inclusion projects in 'Westgate Ward'. Westgate in the top 10% most deprived areas in the UK and has a high volume of ethnic minority groups with more that 70 different countries represented in Ipswich.

We believe that our venue would provide a valuable, well used community space for the young people not only in this area but for the whole of Ipswich.

The venue will provide a calendar of events to run during term time and throughout school holidays. Week days will include workshops for young people with additional needs, NEETS, Pupil Referral Units, community integration workshops, and young people with mental heath problems. Evenings will be available to rent for rehearsal space, events for promoters, gigs, comedy, poetry, clubs and societies. Weekends will provide time for further workshops and events.

Steps to get it done:

  • Audio & Visuals from East Stage Lighting & BoMoJo Productions
  • Carpets from Harts Carpets
  • Electrical work carried out by RJ Joy Electricals
  • Furnishings from local stores
  • Signage from Hudson Signs
  • Acoustic and construction materials from Trim Acoustics
  • Building and some materials (flooring & stud work) work provided by Landlord's building firm
  • Heating/Cooling from MacMarney
  • Painting and Decorating from local firm
  • RSJ calculations by Stroud Associates Ltd

We aim to provide an all inclusive, safe, exciting and engaging music and media venue open to all areas of the community.

Work and partner with local providers/organisations/companies.

To make music and the arts accessible to all regardless of ability, economic or cultural background.

To increase social skills, empowerment and confidence of those who access the facility.

To provide volunteer opportunities, pathways to education and employment.

Fully accessible to wheelchair users as the building already boasts Ipswich’s only accessible Changing Places Facility.

Multi-Purpose to cater for music, film, photography, dance and drama workshops as well as to provide space for other community groups, yoga, Pilates instructors etc.

Flexible to provide green-screen space for bands, budding film and photography students, groups and businesses.

A music venue, to provide a small but high quality music venue for Ipswich with the primary aim to reinvigorate, energise and inspire 14-18 year olds.

Location Ipswich

About the space

Currently a large abandoned office space


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