outdoor space revamp

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outdoor space revamp

outdoor space revamp

Chestney Lewis By Chestney Lewis

Rejuvenating and redefining the use of the out door space in an adventure playground to increase how and who's uses it.

Lambeth Idea stage

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Willington road Adventure Playground is a under use apg in lambeth the council have decided it is now time that it was run by some one other than lambeth council play@heart with the support of local community has accepted the challenge and have identify the need for changes to the way the apg is use and run with major rejuvenating and redefining to the out door space needing to be made to insure the site becomes multi functional serving pre, primary and secondary schools children during school term time and holidays being able to put on sporting and local community events for all ages having useable out green spaces that can be used to educate all users of the site and also will be use to grow our own fruit and veg to encourage health eating. billing a interactive divider to separate the space that is available between the under and over5s that can also be use to entertain and stimulate the users. resurfacing walk ways and play area. improving safety and security to the boundaries

What we'll deliver:

  • bill interactive fence
  • Rejuvenating garden
  • turn a pace of unused lan to a outdoor classroom
  • add electric gate and repair fencing
  • new outdoor games equipment
  • plant new fruits, veg and plans
  • put in cctv
  • re

Why it's a great idea:

The Adventure Playground (apg)grew out of a movement dedicated to children's freedom of expression in an outdoor environment and the children's involvement in using tools and materials to adapt and construct on the outdoor space remains an importantfea- ture. Building camps, cooking on open fires, digging gardens, tending animals and gener- ally playing with, and in, the outdoor space are all typical activities. The adventure play- ground is now also associated play equipment for children age 5 and up. as most apg are close during the school times the ides opens up the space during the day creating jobs to provide and deliver unique and inspirational community driven services with inspiring staff to benefiting children under 5 and senior members of the community that are in need.

Steps to get it done:

  • billed interactive fence
  • billed outdoor classroom
  • refurbish garden
  • clear outdoor classroom
  • create more awareness of site
  • draw up plans for interactive fence
  • improve safety and security
  • resurface play area
  • resurface sports area
  • resurface walkway

improve community engagement, giving the community a safe zone, billing community sprits, improving children wellbeing,promoting healthy eating and living

Location Lambeth

About the space


London Borough of Lambeth

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How will the money be spent?Total £87,093

martial fror new grown - £12,000 (14%)
laying new grown - £8,000 (9%)
contingence - £7,000 (8%)
new electric security gates - £5,000 (6%)
sings - £5,000 (6%)
resurfacing garden - £5,000 (6%)
removing old grown - £4,000 (5%)
replacing fencing - £3,500 (4%)
new security cameras - £3,500 (4%)
materials - £3,500 (4%)
Other - £30,593 (35%)

Costs Breakdown

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martial fror new grown
laying new grown
new electric security gates
resurfacing garden
removing old grown
replacing fencing
new security cameras
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • seating
  • martial fror new grown
  • marketing
  • repairing fencing
  • bilders
  • Lavaling grown
  • laying new grown
  • promotion
  • plans
  • removing gates and wall
  • planing
  • planting
  • VAT
  • removing old grown
  • painting

Total £87,093

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