Our Kitchen in your street in Thanet

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Our Kitchen in your street in Thanet

Our Kitchen in your street in Thanet

Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet CIC By Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet CIC

Thanet is full of kitchens and people who love to cook. It also has people who want to eat better, locally and affordably. We want to put these two groups together to provide fun and local meals.

Thanet District Idea stage

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Our volunteers love to cook food to sell in our shops. Our members love to buy these meals but they do not like the queue to get into the shop. So we want to bring this success to your street. Wouldn't it be great if you could join a group cooking soup, chatting as you peeled and stirred, every Tuesday morning at number 52 in your street. Wouldn't it be useful if your neighbours could buy that soup at an affordable price and enjoy eating better. We will provide training, deal with safety, provide easy recipes, the ingredients, the packaging and labelling, the aprons and even the hairnets! We will take the orders and the payments so you can enjoy your cooking and eating. Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet is a non profit making community company that encourages us all to eat better so we are healthier and can enjoy life more. Listen to what one of our customers has to say about the soup she cooked from our ingredients

What we'll deliver:

  • organise 6 cooking groups
  • provide 6 areas with very locally cooked food
  • share this new approach with the national food strategy

Why it's a great idea:

Better food cooked locally that is more affordable. A different way for Thanet to feed itself better. We now know how important a good diet is for our health and our happiness. This way of cooking and eating very locally removes a lot of the inconvenience, cost, lack of control and marketing that prevent us eating better. This puts us back in control of what we eat. We would be able to ask for less salt, less sugar, more fibre, more fruit and veg and be listened to. Starting small by making simple tasty good for our bodies and our souls , soup. We will have lots of delicious success and go on to cook slightly more difficult dishes with confidence. Everything will be safe and we will ensure we pack, label and date correctly. We will take orders in advance so sales will be guaranteed. Groups will go from strength to strength. This is not about making money. This is about making friends, becoming clever cooks together and then sharing with pride

Steps to get it done:

  • find 3 kitchens and get them certified by EHO, could be school kitchens
  • find a lead organiser/contact person for each small group of cooks
  • find 2 volunteers to join each organiser
  • train how to make first dish
  • advertise anbd market new serbice, leaFLET DROP
  • take orders
  • cookery session
  • deliver ordered food
  • collect feedback
  • cook another dish and repeat

This project builds on what Thanet is doing for itself already. Nearly 800 family members have joined our food club since we opened in August 2021. We buy good food from local suppliers and Fareshare. We are given vegetables and fruit straight from the fields by our local gleaning group each week . We are brought donations almost every day of the week by local people. We have two large shops , one provided for free by Thanet District Council and one by the Canterbury diocese. These are staffed by volunteers. So our costs are very low. Our members choose a whole carrier bag full of the fresh fruit and vegetables they want and we charge them £1. We make a financial loss every week but families eat better, learn about food, find out how to cook new foods and new simple dishes. We are given grants. These are used to buy food.

Location Thanet District

About the space

Thanet means buckets and spades, soul festival, art galleries and down from londoners to everyone else but to us it means illegal immigrants welcome, the gig economy, real grinding poverty and the opportunity to improbve our lot in life together. We asre an isle, almpst an island!making


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