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Operation Deep Freeze

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Operation Deep Freeze

Operation Deep Freeze

Avant-Gardening By Avant-Gardening

A unique meeting of old school medicine show, community food growing, participatory art and ice cream vendor. ODF will explore the use of edibles and create a mobile unit that shares its creations

Greenwich Delivery stage

pledged of £20,440

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Operation Deep Freeze ODF is an art and food growing project to create a mobile ice cream vendor that explores the relationship between edible plants, nutrition, flavours, tastes and aromas through the creation of inventive ice creams which community participants will devise, create and market. The project will be a collaboration between Lisa Cheung and Avant-Gardening, who, together will deliver an exciting programme that starts with food growing and ends with a cycle powered ice cream vendor from which unusual and delicious ice creams are shared alongside artists interventions, creative workshops and performances.
ODF is a curious hybrid: part iconic ice cream vendor, part field research laboratory, part traditional ice cream maker. It invites participants to act as researchers, scientists, tasters, ice cream makers and eaters and encourages them to think about how the food we grow can appeal to all of our senses as well as learn more about the nutritional and health benefits of food

What we'll deliver:

  • produce a book of food folklore and recipes
  • take ODF to community festivals and spaces to promote healthy eating
  • help set up a network of sustainable growing spaces where plants for ODF will be grown by community
  • Lisa Cheung will design and build the mobile unit
  • run school and community workshops exploring taste and researching folklore of plants
  • run workshops to document the process and design an advertising campaign
  • visitors to ODF will become part of the ice cream creation as they interact with the artists and community participants

Why it's a great idea:

Drawing on a wide range of influences and themes ODF is an ambitious project which involves the community in the development of a high profile and fun creative project. We will be working with a wide range of participants from local nursery group and schools to sheltered housing and workshops in community venues; encouraging participants to taste, grow, design and help with the logistics of the project. As members of the Sowing The Seeds network we passionately believe that children need to re-engage with nature and this project will actively involve them in creating small garden plots of edibles and gaining an understanding of nutrition and food as well as the culture and history of edibles.
The project will also manifest as a fun and creative way to activate spaces and engage with the public as we cycle the unit through the streets stopping at ice cream stops to distribute the flavour of the week. We will also be taking ODF to community festivals, sharing the love and the tastes

Steps to get it done:

  • A programme of school and community based workshops to experiment with flavours and combinations run by Avant-Gardening
  • Artist Lisa Cheung will design and build the mobile unit
  • At some events we will additionally host artist performances in a medicine show style scenario
  • Production of accompanying book
  • Develop a number of small community garden spaces to plant and grow plants for ODF. Host community gardening sessions
  • ODF will visit community events and festivals where we will distribute free 'amuse bouche' style ice cream tastings.
  • Participants will document their adventures and recipes for inclusion in recipe book
  • Participants will train in food hygiene and ice-cream making
  • Workshops to research health benefits of herbs and edibles

This project aims to blur the boundaries between art and community engagement in an ambitious project that is both creative and educational. We will be drawing upon the proven track record of artist Lisa Cheung, designer of our award-winning Mobile Allotment to design and build the mobile unit and artists from the Avant-Gardening collective will devise and deliver a programme of workshops to engage the community and local schools.
ODF will become a fun and innovative artwork which will be a regular feature of community festivals across London. Alongside the educational features we will also look at programming special performance art which respond to the themes of the medicine show.
Participants on the project will have the opportunity to learn skills in gardening, food, design and project management and be encouraged to take on the role of hosts as the unit travels across London.


Location Greenwich

About the space

A mobile unit which will begin its development in Greenwich


Royal Borough of Greenwich

How will the money be spent?Total £20,440

Salary costs for creatives and facilitators to deliver school and community workshops - £5,000 (24%)
Construction costs of mobile unit - £3,990 (20%)
Design and development of mobile unit - £3,000 (15%)
Design and print of documentation/recipe book - £2,500 (12%)
Consumables and flavourings for ice cream production - £1,100 (5%)
Marketing and outreach - £1,000 (5%)
20 quart old fashioned ice cream churn - £900 (4%)
Portable Freezer CoolFreeze 31 Litre with internal battery - £550 (3%)
Certification and insurance - £450 (2%)
Other - £1,950 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Salary costs for creatives and facilitators to deliver school and community workshops
Construction costs of mobile unit
Design and development of mobile unit
Design and print of documentation/recipe book
Consumables and flavourings for ice cream production
Marketing and outreach
20 quart old fashioned ice cream churn
Portable Freezer CoolFreeze 31 Litre with internal battery
Certification and insurance
Other Read More
  • Transaction Fees
  • Spacehive fees
  • VAT

Total £20,440

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