Open Culture Community Centre

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Open Culture Community Centre

Open Culture Community Centre

Open Culture Project By Open Culture Project

The Open Culture Project was set up in 2012 to promote social and cultural activities for Polish nationals living in Greater Manchester.

Cheetham Hill Idea stage

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Together with volunteers it developed community hub which connects private, social and public sectors in long term partnership delivering service created and driven by local people. In co-operation with Manchester City Council, it has started dance, art, cooking and citizen discussion sessions to facilitate integration between neighbours from British and other ethnic background. We, women group was set up to promote social and cultural activities for women facing social isolation. It also embrace local community and provide support network for those facing problems of exclusion and adjustment. It encourages a friendly approach to community engagement and attracts participation from women who tend to be discouraged by more formal approaches. The emphasis on food, fun and creativity has enabled its members to make new friends, gain skills, become less isolated and improve their sense of well-being and level of confidence in their new British home.

What we'll deliver:

  • Weekly discussion and craft workshops.
  • Community fair.
  • Children's playground.

Why it's a great idea:

We are based at Welcome Centre in Cheetham Hill which is unique in terms of its ethnic and demographic diversity. We share the building with Chinese, British, Indian (and many more) communities.Welcome Centre users and volunteers involved in the variety of projects speak over 40 languages.We want this vibrant and extremely diverse place and people with Jewish, Irish, south Asian and Polish communities and organisations to work together towards community cohesion and common good. At the moment, however, collaboration tends to be driven by individuals; if the individuals involved move on, the relationship is more likely to flounder. We want to use funds to train and commission local people to provide services developed by local communities. We want Our group to be a platform for women to meet their community, participate, gain skills and confidence which will help them to join other group, start volunteering or take on paid jobs.

Steps to get it done:

  • recruit and train 4 volunteers
  • provide 12 arts and crafts workshops for women
  • organise 2 summer fair
  • organise playground for children

Open Culture Project is still growing organisation with established good relationship with Manchester City Council and third sector organisations including Wai Yin, Parasol, and CVS. Open Culture Project runs library which was set up by community group formed through Community Organisiers Program in 2012. Since then OCP have been using community organising approach which is focused on 1 to 1 listening and RSLM questionnaire to build relationship with individuals, link like minded people together and motivate them to take action towards social change and common good. The community organising process involves identifying what people care strongly about in a community through 1-2-1 conversations, building relationships and networks that are strong enough to fight for social change, developing community leaders and mobilising people to take collective action to change their living cond.We have one senior Community Organiser and 3 voluntary community organisers.


Location Cheetham Hill

Cheetham Hill has 72 other projects and £355,000 in potential grant funding

About the space

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Manchester City Council

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How will the money be spent?Total £1,350

educational toys, books, room equipment - £300 (22%)
arts and crafts materials - £300 (22%)
hire stalls and refreshments for community fair - £300 (22%)
advertisement and publishing of community fair - £200 (15%)
bouncy castle hire for community fair - £120 (9%)
Other - £130 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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educational toys, books, room equipment
arts and crafts materials
hire stalls and refreshments for community fair
advertisement and publishing of community fair
bouncy castle hire for community fair
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £1,350

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