TEST Digital Noticeboard

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TEST Digital Noticeboard

TEST Digital Noticeboard

Kingsgate Community Centre By Kingsgate Community Centre

We want to install a digital noticeboard on Kilburn High Road to showcase Kilburn's unique offerings and vibrant community, connecting residents and visitors up with everything Kilburn has to offer!

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Kilburn High Road is diverse, lively, and full of surprises. Over the last five years residents and community groups have worked to foster a sense of place through projects including arts and enterprise workspaces, living streets initiatives and other schemes to improve Kilburn.

But with heavy road traffic, a transient population and its location divided between Brent and Camden, the unique character of the High Road can get lost. Local businesses have little support and there is no obvious network to connect them to residents or community groups. We would like to showcase Kilbun's vibrant range of businesses as well as encouraging new independent traders.

As a first step, we want to install a digital notice board to highlight the offerings of local retailers, events and community groups, acting as a focal point for residents and visitors. The board will allow retailers to advertise affordably as well as providing an attractive platform for featuring local information and talent.

What we'll deliver:

  • Hire a part-time community worker to connect up local businesses, groups and residents and keep the board updated
  • Provide residents with special offers and discounts
  • Purchase and install a well-built digital notice board in the high footfall area opposite Kilburn High Road Overground
  • Provide affordable ad space to local independent retailers, and provide discounts for those supporting the community

Why it's a great idea:

A digital notice board will allow us to showcase culture, opportunities, talent and creativity from across Kilburn. Kilburn High Road is one of the busiest and largest high streets in the UK, and with all the bustle it's easy to overlook much of what Kilburn has to offer. A digital noticeboard helps us to draw out this sometimes-hidden character of Kilburn, putting the spotlight on those who help give the area it's distinctive feel. But it will also help independent retailers attract more custom, and local groups and artists to better connect up with a supportive community!

This will be a bottom-up initiative, managed by Kingsgate Community Centre, working alongside the Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Forum and South Kilburn Trust. Because of this it will be able to avoid some of the tricky challenges of working across boroughs.

Looking at similar initiatives, ad revenue should allow us to pay for the board within the year - at which point we can look at expanding the project!

Steps to get it done:

  • Once we have chosen a supplier, we will work with Brent Council to install the noticeboard,
  • The community worker will work to produce new content every two weeks, ensuring the board stays interesting and relevant
  • We will work with local designers to produce a unique shell for the board, as well as eye-catching templates for the ads
  • Staff and supporters of Kingsgate will manage the procurement process for the hardware.
  • We will hire a community worker to talk to local businesses and organisations about the project and sell ads

Both Camden and Brent Councillors are supportive of the idea, as are a wide range of local businesses, residents, and community groups. This is an initiative by the community, for the community, dedicated towards showing just what makes Kilburn shine!

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