Northern Battle of Britain Memorial

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Northern Battle of Britain Memorial

Northern Battle of Britain Memorial

Northern Battle of Britain Memorial By Northern Battle of Britain Memorial

This is the first stage in the creation of a “Northern Memorial” to the men and women of the Royal Air Force and their overseas allies who fought in the Battle of Britain 80 years ago

Doncaster Idea stage

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The Memorial will centre around a full size replica Spitfire aircraft sited in a WW2 blast pen. It will feature the Battle of Britain Roll of Honour and will complement the National Memorial in London and the Southern Memorial at Capel Le Ferne. There is no Memorial in the North of England. The Memorial will not only commemorate the men and women of the RAF who came from every town and village in the country but also those pilots and ground crew who throughout the war came from across the United States, Europe, Poland, France, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Ireland as well as the Commonwealth, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Barbados, Jamaica, Canada, Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and New Zealand The Spitfire is an iconic symbol and it will focus attention on how crucial the Battle of Britain was in the history of the western world. It will inspire young and old alike to enquire and discover how a small group of people defended our islands and went on to help free the western world.

What we'll deliver:

  • Create a replica revetment / blast pen to form the location for the Memorial .
  • The revetment is the first stage, the groundworks needed for the creation of the Memorial
  • The revetment will create a place of inspiration, calm and contemplation surrounding the Memorial.

Why it's a great idea:

In 2020 we celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain and by then the participants will be very few in number. Their legacy is one of the greatest achievements in the history of not only Britain but the world. They were a group of young people who were vastly outnumbered and under resourced but their courage and tenacity has become legendary. With their iconic Spitfire and Hurricane aeroplanes their story resonates with young and old alike and it features not just the British but men and women from around the world who came to help defend our freedom. When the eye witnesses are no longer here to tell their story the Northern Battle of Britain Memorial will become a focus for remembrance, a tourist destination and a place of pilgrimage where young and old can come together to be inspired, to learn and to pay homage. This opportunity exists at two sites in the south of the country but the Battle was a national effort. The Northern Memorial will recognise this.

Steps to get it done:

  • Create the revetment on which the Memorial Spitfire will be housed.
  • Build the replica Spitfire that will be the focus of the Memorial
  • Launch the educational programme designed to educate, inform and entertain visitors both in person and online.
  • Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain

This is the first stage in the creation of the Memorial will stand. It will become a part of the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire aviation trail attracting visitors who will contribute to the local economy. There will be a need for interpretation facilities that will increase the opportunities for volunteers and potentially create jobs. The memorial will recognise the Battle of Britain as a significant part of our national heritage. It will also draw attention to the role played by men and women from our overseas allies many of which remained in this country after the war. Through focusing on this role we hope to inform and educate the wider community about the contribution made by their ancestors. We hope to promote community cohesion by recognising the multi racial nature of the participants who came together during World War Two. Although its primary role is remembrance the Memorial will be a significant visitor attraction promoting learning and activity across the generations.


Location Doncaster

About the space

South Yorkshire Air Museum


Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

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