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Neon Yourself

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Neon Yourself

Neon Yourself

Hear The Motion By Hear The Motion

Neon-Yourself is a free neon themed creative space where you can dance, through paint under supervision, play music and purchase food in a safe lively environment.

London Idea stage

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Neon-Yourself will allow groups/individuals to connect and creative beautiful music, dance sequences and art that will help them to release any stress, anger or depression that they may or may not be struggling with. It is a project that is aimed at connecting people and allowing them to step out of their day to day routines and have fun as if they were young again in the hope that they will leave with happiness and joy in their hearts.

What we'll deliver:

  • serve healthy food and drinks so that everyone learns that eating healthy isnt a bad thing
  • build a stage for the band instruments and DJ area for music to be played and enjoyed by the people dancing and painting
  • paint the walls black and white so neon paint can be thrown in order for people to feel free and release frustration

Why it's a great idea:

Many people in London are miserable and don't seek happiness in their professional or personal lives. As a company we believe that it is because everyone has grown up too quickly and forget what it is like to be a child and have fun. This project is a great way for people to release all their hidden emotions that they are forced to hide away each and everyday, it is also a great way for people to connect and make friends as we are living in a society full of technology and antisocial behaviour. We have lost touch of our communication skills and the ability to let someone in and have a friendly long lasting conversation. This project will allow all ages, ethic backgrounds and religions to come together as one and creative wonderful music, art work and dance pieces in harmony.

Steps to get it done:

  • create simple fun dance sequences for all to learn and have fun with
  • Employ skilled staff in Art and Technology
  • Hire a venue that has room for cooking, music, dance and art
  • hire amazing chefs to serve healthy food that will attract all
  • Publisise the project to ensure all communities hear about the opportunity and have fun for the day

This is targeted at all ages, races, communities and genders. It is a project that will connect people and allow them to have fun!


Location London

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