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Mummy Meet Up - Tackling loneliness

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Mummy Meet Up - Tackling loneliness

Mummy Meet Up - Tackling loneliness

The Unlikely Mummy By The Unlikely Mummy

92% of mums admit they are Lonely, what can I do to help that? Mummy Meet Ups, meet new friends, learn a skill or simply relax all while enjoying a cup of hot tea and a slice of your own cake.

Bexleyheath Idea stage

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Ever felt like you are the only mum out there and no one understands what it is like? Thought you were the solo member of the 2,3 or 4am mums club band? Well, I will let you into a secret... You are not the solo member of the mum band. There are loads of us but we just haven't found each other yet. What I want to do is create a safe, fun environment for mums to come to without the fear of judgement. Have an opportunity to have some quality time either on there own for a cup of tea and a chat, or speak to other like-minded mums while learning a new skill or sharing ideas. What will be included for the mums, which is hard to do when you are constantly with your child or children 1. Support for new mums 2. Postnatal Depression Support 3. Mindfulness 4. Therapy treatments 5. Sleep advice 6. First Aid 7. Tea and Cake 8. Taster classes 9. Returning to work support 10. Play ideas 11. Exercise and Health advise 12. Counselling Support To name a few ideas that will support mums.

What we'll deliver:

  • Support pre, current and postnatal mums with loneliness and confidence
  • Create a safe space to learn, develop and meet new people and learn new skills (when possible)
  • Support local businesses to encourage growth within the community
  • Offer an opportunity for just mums, whether they are step mums or nans that care for children.
  • Open to all mums, once a mum always a mum. No matter what you a mum should feel supported.

Why it's a great idea:

Mummy's United or The Mummy Band? It doesn't matter because you are apart of the exclusive club! Ask questions, feel supported by your fellow mummy's and never feel alone again. Share ideas because we are all new to this (even if you have three!). Be kind and encourage, learn a new skill or simply have 60-90 mins to yourself, uninterrupted by smelly nappies, dribble or crying. Have a break with a cup of tea, unwind and remember what it is like to be a person. This doesn't mean we don't love our children, it just means we need to work on our own health. Mindfulness will be encouraged but if that's not the mums 'thing' then we can support and tailor future 'Mummy Meet Ups' This is a safe space of mums to feel like themselves without any judgement. A place that I wish I had when I first had my son. Loneliness has also led mums to crying regularly, 55 per cent of lonely mums say being isolated has left them suffering anxiety, while 47 per cent feel "very stressed". It is time to care.

Steps to get it done:

  • Confirm key speakers or delivers to empower mums
  • Confirmation that mums met at Mummy Meet Up, meet outside of the meet ups.
  • Monthly meets to be a long term goal attacking new speakers each time
  • The opportunity to grow monthly each month.

A study by the British Red Cross found that more than 8 in 10 mums (83%) under the age of 30 (not just under 30's either, I am 33!) have feelings of loneliness some of the time, while 43% said they feel lonely all of the time. Another survey found that 90% of new mums felt lonely since giving birth with over half (54%) feeling they had no friends. Just a quick Google of ‘loneliness on maternity leave’ brings up endless posts and threads from new mothers questioning if how they’re feeling is okay; confessing that while they love their new baby they can’t shake feelings of loneliness and are often overwhelmed by motherhood - feelings that cause them much guilt. The unspoken words of motherhood needs to be shared because it is okay not to be okay. The best thing to do is to get out, meet new people and speak about your worries.

Location Bexleyheath

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How will the money be spent?Total £5,812

Venue (based on 12 months) - £1,200 (21%)
Food (based on 20 people x £5 per head x 12 months ) - £1,200 (21%)
Samples and products - £1,200 (21%)
Specialist treatment providers - £600 (10%)
Cost of activity (based on an average for 12 months - £600 (10%)
Admin - £500 (9%)
Other - £512 (9%)

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Venue (based on 12 months)
Food (based on 20 people x £5 per head x 12 months )
Samples and products
Specialist treatment providers
Cost of activity (based on an average for 12 months
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Total £5,812

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