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Portobello Pantomime 2017
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Panto 2017 will be a mash-up of several pantos past. Joe and Marie are searching for a place to stay, but they’re turned away by the NHS, an Airbnb (run by Cindy and her ugly-on-the-inside sisters), and Jamie Oliver-Twist’s kitchen (run by orphans). Meanwhile, horrible Herod Trump and Melania are on a mission to steal the vulnerable couple’s unborn child. Can the community step in to save the day? The production has once more been made possible through the hard work of dozens of volunteers, each as important as the last and unfortunately too many to name here. From costume to lighting to acting to singing, everybody works for free to make the Panto happen. Last year the panto raised money for the Shepherds Bush Families Project, Women’s Solace Aid and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Grenfell Green Spaces
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The Olive Branch Charity was created by members of the community surrounding Grenfell after the fire with the hope to try & bring positivity into a time of such trauma & negativity. We found that gardening, & being one with nature, only brought peace & was a way community members were able to express their pain through creative means. We are now on a journey of pure creativity, positivity & peace. We are in the process of creating green spaces, made by the community, for the community. We are currently in 5 spaces in the community surrounding Grenfell Tower. Our aim is to reach out to as much of our community as possible - not only to be part of this amazing process of creating these green spaces, but to also allow space to find peace in times of such trauma. This page has been created to seek support for necessary resources to provide therapy & education to community members after the fire of Grenfell Tower. We will also be holding nature workshops in the spaces we create.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

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