{{ 'About' | translate }} Veolia's Recycling Fund for Communities

{{ 'About' | translate }} Veolia's Recycling Fund for Communities

Have you got a project idea that will help to improve the environment, or support your community to bounce back from the pandemic? Your project could receive a cash boost of up to £2000, as well in kind resources or staff volunteers to help bring your idea to life!

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Aylesbury Community Kitchen SE17
Aylesbury Community Kitchen SE17 joined Veolia's Recycling Fund for Communities1 week ago

The project intends to renovate a disused building on the Aylesbury Estate in South East London as a community kitchen and social pantry with flexible spaces for youth and community provision. As we emerge from the pandemic, issues of local food insecurity have been exacerbated for low income households and we will need a range of responses to address and support this. The Aylesbury Community Kitchen would form part a Walworth Neighbourhood Food Model taking shape locally. In partnership with Pembroke House and community partners, NHG would establish a community kitchen for groups to run healthy cook and eat sessions. This need has been identified through Pembroke House's public discussion on food insecurity, 'We need to talk', as well as demand from local groups for this resource. It would provide a short term base for the Walworth food hub while renovation work is taking place at the Living Room. Longer term, it would provide a social pantry, community kitchen and community space

People's Museum Somers Town
People's Museum Somers Town joined Veolia's Recycling Fund for Communities1 week ago

We want 'a space for us': in a place where social reform and radical thinking took root - huge ideas of social justice that changed lives. In the spirit of the pioneers of the innovative slum clearance that took place here, in their mottos: "Housing is not enough" and Art in Everyday life" we want to build a museum to honour their legacy, of the 100 years of social housing, to tell the stories: the cohesive working class communities: midwives, landladies, to the first Pearly King. And space for stories of earlier radical thinkers who changed lives: for this was home to Wollstonecraft & Godwin; Unity theatre; and Garrett Anderson's women's hospital. With so much at risk from the huge developments facing this area, we need to preserve the character of this unique patch of London, for where else a priest running a pub and mum's clubs running pantomimes? We need 'a space for us' so all the communities in a deprived area benefit, and the stories not forgotten. Help us bring this to life!

Old Kent Road Arts Club
Old Kent Road Arts Club joined Veolia's Recycling Fund for Communities1 week ago

Old Kent Road (OKR) Arts Club will be a highly visible, community-led creative hub that energises an industrial stretch of the high street. Let's transform an empty shopfront into a space that celebrates life on Old Kent Road! The three pillars of OKR Arts Club have been shaped by local voices and respond to the Covid-19 crisis: Sustainability, Community and Mental Health. These themes will be embedded in all our work. OKR Arts Club will run: – Open access sessions for adults, exploring sustainable making (with special workshops and monthly socials!) – An art club for young people – creating space for a new generation of artists – A professional development programme that supports local creatives to run public workshops We'll celebrate everyone involved with our road-side window gallery, annual exhibition and publication. <b>*We will continue to be guided by safety considerations. In the event of needing to reschedule activities, we will communicate this via our Spacehive page*</b>

The Garden SE8: A new community garden
The Garden SE8: A new community garden joined Veolia's Recycling Fund for Communities1 week ago

Our vision is to create a garden of our local community, where children have a special place. The garden is on South London, on a privately owned strip of land in Lower Road that was neglected for about 30 years, since the adjacent development was built. We set up a non-for profit association of local residents just to develop and manage the garden, and got permission from the owners in November 2020. We aim to be ready to open in early summer 2021, and there is lots to do. We've started with a neighbour consultation to develop a common vision, and to clear 30 years of brambles and fly-tipping. Next will be ready the soil, replace the fence, plant trees, raised beds, a pond, shed... We are committed to transform this hazardous space into an asset for the local community, it is a big task and need all the help we can get.

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