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Rotherhithe Garden Build & Summer School
Rotherhithe Garden Build & Summer School joined Veolia's Recycling Fund for Communities1 week ago

We will transform an vacant area of land at the rear of a social housing estate into a thriving new community space in Rotherhithe, SE16. The project will feature a wellbeing garden, food growing, a carpentry workshop, arts and crafts and, skills development opportunities run by ourselves and friends of the project. The site will have polytunnel frames and raised planter beds to support food growing workshops for local residents and are being designed and built by Store Projects to make them accessible for able-bodied and disabled users. Also on the site is a shipping container which has been adapted into a wood workshop. We will deliver carpentry and DIY skills workshops for local residents. It will be a chance for people to increase their confidence and to provide access for other employment and training opportunities. There are also plans to introduce a product range and these will be sold at community festivals and fetes with the proceeds reinvested in to the project.

Catlin St. Pump 'n' Ride
Catlin St. Pump 'n' Ride joined Veolia's Recycling Fund for Communities1 week ago

We want to create a sheltered "Pump 'n' Ride" stop, install an air pump and repair station for all cyclists to use for free. We want to transform a section of underused car park into a secure communal bike store hut for residents on the estate. Some residents are put off getting a bike because there's a lack of storage indoors. An outdoor bike hut could get more residents on bikes & get people together. A notice board to show local cycling events & information. A section of the notice board available for rent advertising cycling related services/products.

Recycle, Repair and Renew
Recycle, Repair and Renew joined Veolia's Recycling Fund for Communities1 week ago

The project has two components, we teach and discuss the importance of recycling, the financial benefits as well as the environmental advantages and the social ethics related to food waste. Participants get involved in group discussions, presentations and general tips on how to store and shop for food more wisely. We have also taken the local residents to visit the recycling centre to give them further insight into what happens to waste that is collected and to give them encouragement to recycle more household items and to dispose of them in a safe manner. The second component of our project is the repair and renew aspect which concentrates on items of clothing that people can no longer use due to damage or need of improving. Our sewing tutor helps them to make further use of these by mentoring them whilst they learn new skills on the electronic sewing machines.

Pimp A Bus-Stop
Pimp A Bus-Stop joined Veolia's Recycling Fund for Communities1 week ago

I want to transform our bus-shelters into homes for insects and to provide food for birds. The means for this would be to purchase large pots and grow a creeper trained on wires across the top. I have seen something similar to this in Madeira and they do it also on the Continent.

Why Shop when you can swap
Why Shop when you can swap joined Veolia's Recycling Fund for Communities1 week ago

There is a significant amount of clothing that gets dumped in landfills every year. Many of us do not understand the environmental and human impact on clothing that is bought and thrown away. "Why shop when you can swap" will provide a free fun interactive event that brings people together swapping clothes, with workshops discussing the environmental impact and saving people money. The event will also demonstrate how easy it is to up-cycle recycle and re-purpose items of clothing, Extending the life of the items by at least three years.

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