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Tyneside Crowd is a new Crowdfunding platform where people can collaborate on creative and innovative projects to improve and celebrate the places where they live, work and study. Through this initiative we want to continue a proud legacy of industry and entrepreneurship that goes back to Roman times, through the industrial revolution, and to the present day. We want to support local people to come up with projects which provide solutions to the challenges they face in their local area or to build on new opportunities. From music festivals to art installations, guerrilla gardening to pop up markets, if you have an idea to make your place even better, we want to hear from you. We will be running a funding round in Winter 2018. We want to support as many ideas as possible and have a fund of £60k available. See the below tab for more information on the round and the key dates so you don't miss out!

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Leonard Cheshire Linskill Garden Project
Leonard Cheshire Linskill Garden Project joined Tyneside Crowd1 month ago

Can Do supports young disabled people aged 16-35 to access diverse opportunities in IT, employment, training, education, volunteering, social action, health and well-being, culture, leisure and sports activities. Through Can Do, young disabled people are enhancing their life skills, gaining independence and the ability to make choices around the way they want to live. Can Do breaks down the barriers that young disabled people face by creating a platform to explore personal interests, social development, training and life-skills, whilst enabling them to participate and engage with their local community. We empower young individuals to gain confidence, self-reliance and valuable transferable skills to support them on their journeys towards independence. Funding will enable Can Do participants to provide high quality planting and other outdoor features to the garden areas, which will make the space more appealing and functional to the community.

Celebrating Roma Culture
Celebrating Roma Culture joined Tyneside Crowd1 month ago

The East European Roma community who have settled in Gateshead have bought a distinctive culture with them. This is a culture which can enrich the culture of the town. By exploring this culture, we can help to bring it to a wider audience and help to embed it in the wider culture of Tyneside. The Roma community is also a very marginalised community who are still suffering the effects of huge discrimination and ill-treatment in Eastern Europe. This project will seek to help the Roma community to feel part of the wider community in Gateshead and to help them to feel accepted in the town. We will use artefacts from the community to help them tell their story. We will take stories from the community about their lives both here and in Eastern Europe. We will seek to help the community to explain their heritage and their culture to the wider public. We will also ask members of the Roma community about their hopes and aspirations for the future.

New Pottery for Gateshead
New Pottery for Gateshead joined Tyneside Crowd2 months ago

Over 250 people come to our tiny community pottery space every week, with many more on waiting lists wanting to join. We want to make our pottery available to more local people and to do this we need to expand. If we create new workshop space we could offer classes to more individuals, parents and children, schools, young adults and special needs groups. People who come to the pottery tell us that find it beneficial for many reasons: learning new skills, meeting other people, sharing ideas, making friends, taking on challenges, being able to express themselves creatively, feeling inspired and focusing on something other than work or domestic duty. This contributes to their sense of wellbeing, self-confidence and reduces social isolation. We would also be able to run collaborative projects to create artworks for public spaces. Participants would be contributing positively to their community and local environment, increasing their sense of self-worth, value and civic pride.

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