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Tyneside Crowd is a new Crowdfunding platform where people can collaborate on creative and innovative projects to improve and celebrate the places where they live, work and study. Through this initiative we want to continue a proud legacy of industry and entrepreneurship that goes back to Roman times, through the industrial revolution, and to the present day. We want to support local people to come up with projects which provide solutions to the challenges they face in their local area or to build on new opportunities. From music festivals to art installations, guerrilla gardening to pop up markets, if you have an idea to make your place even better, we want to hear from you. We will be running a funding round in Winter 2018. We want to support as many ideas as possible and have a fund of £60k available. See the below tab for more information on the round and the key dates so you don't miss out!

Our Journey

stand together against bullying now!!!!
stand together against bullying now!!!! joined Tyneside Crowd1 week ago

our project would be to go into schools and do a pop up work shop to open childrens and young adults eys to the seriousness of bullying and the cuses it leaves on people wheather it be cyber, physical, mental, verbal or sexual we would get children and young adults to get involved by taking part in drama peices and presentation and team publications.

Burnside Community Garden
Burnside Community Garden joined Tyneside Crowd1 week ago

We run job shops, IT skills courses, social groups and other adult workshops 5 times a week, we run a youth group 4 times a week where we engage with young people to look at their social issues and how they themselves can resolve those issues. We also have a vast community garden where local residents can put their hand to learning more about the environment and improve their own local area. We are in the process of developing the community green space into an attractive play zone and community garden where local residents can relax, attend workshops in horticulture and which will also provide educational areas for schools and other community groups. We have also set up a social enterprise arm which contributes to the running cost of the core project. So far we have a community cafe; Yummy Mummies outside catering and set up a community art gallery on site where residents of all ages show case the art work they produce. All art work is for sale and we intend to hold 7 shows per year.

GRAFTERS joined Tyneside Crowd1 week ago

Our Mission: . Our aim is to to extend our current orchard by producing all our own fruit trees, buying root stock, grafting all fruit trees from our current stock as well as establishing and growing new fruits. Providing courses and training to people to enable them to create and establish community orchards as well as their own . It will involve local people of all ages working together to make a difference by improving the physical environment and promoting healthy living. Our Vision: To build on our previous project successes within the Community Space Challenge All Ages Programme by developing a network of Social Action Champions with the skills and resources to sustain and replicate this project in other community and green spaces resulting in a a legacy for the future.

Street Ping Pong Newcastle
Street Ping Pong Newcastle joined Tyneside Crowd1 week ago

Ping! England showed ping pong to be both a viable and hugely popular activity in the UK's outdoor spaces. Newcastle, unfortunately had to look on enviously. Not any more, with the World's ping pong pioneers descended upon the city for Pongress, there will never be a better time to catapult ping pong out onto the streets, squares and parks of Newcastle.

Healthy Living Zone
Healthy Living Zone joined Tyneside Crowd1 week ago

At present the disused area is used as a fly tipping area and attracts lots of anti social behaviour, we intent to transform the area into a food production zone, where we can do positive youth engagement workshops, some of these will be propagation of fresh fruit and vegetables, once the crops are grown we will be holding workshops to show low income family how they can set up small allotment area and grown stable foods and how to make affordable healthy meals for their families

BC Garden playground Zone
BC Garden playground Zone joined Tyneside Crowd1 week ago

We would like to build a brand new community play ground, but with a difference, we intend to include an outdoor gym zone, a climbing wall, under 5's secure zone and a story telling area. All of these areas will be part of Burnside Community Garden & Community Hub, and this charity will be arranging the positive engagement activities which will be available to individuals, families, schools and other community groups

Whitley Bay Christmas Lights
Whitley Bay Christmas Lights joined Tyneside Crowd1 week ago

This year, on November 28th 2015, we plan to start our Christmas celebrations with a festive cheer. Inspired by the Victorian heritage of Whitley Bay station we are planning a day of festivities and music before the switching on of our brand new Christmas lights by our very own Victorian Station Master.

Save The Avenue Centre
Save The Avenue Centre joined Tyneside Crowd1 week ago

The Avenue Centre is a purpose built community facility, built in 1991 for the benefit of the residents of the Meadow Well Estate. Across the road is a well established community development organisation (founded in 1980), the Cedarwood Trust, working out of a former shop premises. The Cedarwood Trust has outgrown its premises, the Avenue Centre has stood empty for 18 months and is marked for demolition by the Council. The Cedarwood Trust wishes to purchase the building to increase its impact in the community through its work with families, children, older people and the wider community. The Cedarwood Trust provides tools for residents to create brighter futures for themselves.

Enterprise by "Scruff of the Neck"
Enterprise by "Scruff of the Neck" joined Tyneside Crowd1 week ago

The New Venture, Start Up NE1? Is a collaboration by Enterprising Students from both Northumbria and Newcastle Universities, Paul Hughes project lead, and President of NUOVO, Northumbria’s student enterprise society, explains,? “I was shocked when I heard that the North East has the lowest number of start-up businesses within the UK, bearing in mind, we have higher than average unemployment and yet such an inspiring city! I got together with fellow students from both Universities to develop a plan on how we could change this. “Once we had the concept, we needed the help that we are about to offer others, and we then enlisted agents to set about finding us some space, along with taking guidance on how to deliver the project!” “At present, we have an empty unit that needs knitting out. We are looking to raise the £6,000 we will need to pay for utilities and a part-time enterprise manager, we will also be asking for furniture and equipment donations

Huba Dub Dub
Huba Dub Dub joined Tyneside Crowd1 week ago

The club is committed to using a sports-based community development approach in addressing the social problems faced in the area. This is based on both the club’s own experience as well as good practice developed elsewhere in the UK. The club will • Provide opportunities for increased sports participation in the area for people of all ages and use sports participation as a way of addressing health problems by increasing physical activity. • Make specific efforts with regards to: o The participation of young people in their late teens, addressing the nationally recognised problem of youth dropout in 14+ age groups o Opportunities for older people to be more active as part of an ‘active ageing’ • Provide ways of engaging young people with developmental pathways so that they are not at risk of being involved in crime or anti-social behaviour • Opportunities for local schools to use facilities, such as pre or after school clubs • Provide opportunities for skill development in sports,