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Tyneside Crowd is a new Crowdfunding platform where people can collaborate on creative and innovative projects to improve and celebrate the places where they live, work and study. Through this initiative we want to continue a proud legacy of industry and entrepreneurship that goes back to Roman times, through the industrial revolution, and to the present day. We want to support local people to come up with projects which provide solutions to the challenges they face in their local area or to build on new opportunities. From music festivals to art installations, guerrilla gardening to pop up markets, if you have an idea to make your place even better, we want to hear from you. We will be running a funding round in Winter 2018. We want to support as many ideas as possible and have a fund of £60k available. See the below tab for more information on the round and the key dates so you don't miss out!

Our Journey

Project:Playground started fundraising!5 days ago
Gateshead Open Studios
Gateshead Open Studios joined Tyneside Crowd1 week ago

Gateshead Open Studios is a community walking trail pencilled in for the half-term weekend at the end of October 2019. There is a map highlighting creative practitioners & artistic workshops based in the Gateshead region. Carefully curated historic arts venues are open for the public to explore. This includes opportunities to meet local artists/designers/practitioners to see their spaces and discuss their creative process. Also venues will run creative workshop activities, which all are welcome to take part in, including family and children during the half term period. Refreshments will be available at each venue or by visiting nearby refreshment partners. At a time leading up to Christmas, it’s an ideal opportunity for the creatives involved to get exposure of their products too. It's also the perfect weekend activity to inspire children, as well as all local residents curious about what is happening right on their doorsteps, as some of these venues are normally closed to the public.

Project:Playground joined Tyneside Crowd2 weeks ago

To give the children the best playtime there is, we need to give them a safe yet challenging area to play in. Since our current playground equipment is so old, it is now unsafe to use in wet weather (and we have a lot in the North East!) and we are trying to replace it. Quality playground equipment isn't cheap though and we need help making it happen for our children.

Tower Cafe Community Expansion
Tower Cafe Community Expansion joined Tyneside Crowd1 month ago

The idea is to buy a shipping container and convert it into a comfortable, warm inside seating area, with rooftop garden to grow ingredients for the food we serve. So supporting and promoting sustainability,local production of food products and the development of independent businesses.We would like to be able to offer our customers a better service by providing them with an inside seating area, giving them a more comfortable dining experience.This would also enable us to extend our opening hours and provide us with a space to continue to hold art exhibitions and music events.

Plastic recycling scheme
Plastic recycling scheme joined Tyneside Crowd1 month ago

Students and people who live in coastal areas of Northumberland will perform plastic litter picks, of both LDPE and HDPE plastic. This plastic will them be brought back to CLV and shredded into small pieces of plastic (this machine has already been made). The plastic will then be formed into sheets and vacuum moulded into whatever form we desire. The aim is to produce sports equipment, school equipment and furniture from the recycled plastic, and then give to community members or sell said items in order to use the profits to fund other plastic projects within the community/school or donate to environmental awareness charities. No profit will be made from this scheme. It is a community project as parents, care givers, community members from outside the school will all be participating in this project.

Break The Silence Festival
Break The Silence Festival joined Tyneside Crowd1 month ago

My project will be a festival to be enjoyed by everyone.We aim to have a live music stage. We will have an area where people can have a space to vocalise how they feel about their mental health helping them to help others, express and share We will include quiet areas the public can approach and talk to many of the local mental health groups involved. We will be offering some holistic therapy free.Local mental health groups will be invited to participate .We aim to reach 800 people at the festival and a maximum of 20,000 through FB, & up to 20,000 through local radio. We are forming a CIC to continue our work in raising awareness. By making a video and using it to advertise we are creating a lasting affect. At each fringe event throughout the year we continually will be raising awareness.We are making a video that will reach many on social media.We are running fringe events over a large area of the North East we will be reaching small communities raising awareness at each event.

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