About The Essex Crowd

About The Essex Crowd

Supporting small scale local projects that create connections and bring people together.

The Essex Crowd is all about bringing people together behind good ideas that communities want to see happen. We want to back local good ideas that create connections and bring people together. You’ll have the best idea of what might work in your local area, so why not share your idea and let others join in? Crowdfunding is a great way to get people behind your project to make it a reality as it allows lots of people to get behind your good idea and make it happen. We want to support as many ideas as possible and can pledge up to £5,000 to do so. See the below tab for more information on how to get a pledge. Upload your idea here today, share widely, and move from idea to reality in double-quick time.

Areas of interest

Sport & Play Parks & Gardens Arts & Culture Buildings Food & Farming Streets & Infrastructure
Helped the environment Boosted the economy Increased volunteering, jobs & education Supported arts, culture & heritage Promoted activity & leisure

Created by Essex County Council

Essex County Council is dedicated to improving Essex and the lives of its residents. The council's ambition is to empower and enable local people to transform their communities, creating vibrant, prosperous and welcoming places for people to live, work and visit.

More Information

The Essex Crowd gives you the opportunity to ask neighbours, friends, family and the local community to back your project with a pledge. If you can demonstrate community backing for your project through your campaign you might also receive a pledge of up to £5000 from this fund.

As this is not a regular grants programme, below is a brief overview of the process:

Creating your project

• Create a project page on Spacehive at www.spacehive.com/create outlining what your project is all about

• Your project will be automatically matched to the Local Connections Fund from Essex County Council –  you can then pitch to the fund

• Spacehive will then verify your project– check the costs and permissions

• Once all checks are completed you will be advised that your project is ready to start crowdfunding

Starting your crowdfunding campaign

• Begin by trying to get lots of small pledges from the community to demonstrate community need and support for your idea

• Once you have achieved around 10% of your target (and / or a good number of backers from the community) the Council will assess your project, and the support from the community, and make their pledge to your project

• The amount the Council will pledge will depend on the size of the project, how it delivers against their priorities, the impact it will have and the buy in from the community.

Note: the Council will not be the first organisation to pledge as they want to see community support for your project.

We are keen that outcomes are linked to our priorities. For more information on the fund, including our priorities, see here.

To provide inspiration and guidance on the kinds of projects we are hoping to support, we have provided the below links to other previous crowdfunding projects. All the projects have had small manageable targets but have had a big impact locally, creating connections and bringing people together.

From Musician to Nutrition - target of £367 

The Porty Light Box - target of £1,671 

Blue Plaque for Lady Rhondda - target of £1,295 

Help Stitched Up Get Mobile -  target of £1,801 

Hackney Playbus -  target of £1,725 

Flaxmill Maltings Open Mic Marathon -  target of £900 

Mystical outdoor learning space! -  target of £624 

Amble Puffin Festival -  target of £1,079 

The Esssex Crowd is supported by the Essex County Council alongside our key partners listed below.


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