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Soundbite SENfestival
Soundbite SENfestival joined The Essex Crowd3 weeks ago

We are aiming to give them the same sort of experience as Vfest, but obviously toned down and centred around them. We have local bands that will play, we have various food vendors offering services, we have dj's doing dj sets, we have circus performers doing fire breathing and circus skills, also offering to get the audience involved. All family of disabled person welcome, obviously with their own tickets. 1 carer for free per disabled person. Please help us to get the ball rolling, the only thing we don't have is the money! We are hoping to make this an annual festival, hoping it will turn into a big event. Any money made from the festival will be going towards the following years festival. Thank you so much and please support us!

Who let the dads out!
Who let the dads out! joined The Essex Crowd1 month ago

Will be held once every 6 weeks at a church where dads and male figures in a child's life can bring them for fun and games bacon rolls and coffee. They will be able to play with their children and talk to other men.

1 month ago
08 June 2017
Introducing a new £250,000 fund for Essex communities

From temporary water slides to a community allotment, Essex has a new way to support small scale local projects. The Essex Crowd is a new crowdfunding initiative where you can share your community idea and offer neighbours, local businesses and other interested parties the opportunity to pledge their support to make your idea a reality.
Ideas can range from a local festival or event, bringing disused buildings or open spaces back to life, or even Christmas lights for a town or village – so upload your idea today.
Upload your projects to The Essex Crowd on Spacehive now and shared with the wider community to raise awareness, support and backing.
​​​​​​​Find out more about the types of projects The Essex Crowd are looking to support and learn how to run a crowdfunding campaign for your local area over on

Environment Friendly
Environment Friendly joined The Essex Crowd1 month ago

As an organization, we believe that this world could do with more community spirit and we're now going to implement this cause. We believe in increasing the agricultural level, growing vegetation and fruits on the daily basis with care and through the organic way. This will increase community spirit with kids and adults joining in. Not only are we creating an agricultural land, but also rearing animals. This will allow human to get in contact with animals and learn about them as it will increase their knowledge and experience. Also, this will benefit people who are less fortunate, because the vegetation we grow as a community, we will cook them up and deliver it to the homeless shelters and homeless people around the community. There will also be educational lessons for school kids, adults and in essence the community. This organisation is promoting a good healthy environment through the uses of agriculture (farming), animals, support to homeless, education to kids/adults, communit

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