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The Repair HUB - a community project
The Repair HUB - a community project joined The Essex Crowd1 week ago

Why it's a great idea: The Repair HUB is a great idea as it will improve the Springfield estate both aesthetically and the lives of the residents who live there. Saving financially by repairing and repurposing be it through - hoover servicing, mower maintenance or appliance fixing. The project has two aims, we teach and discuss the importance of recycling, the financial benefits as well as the environmental advantages and the social ethics related to broken waste items that could be repaired. The second component of our project is the repair and renew aspect which concentrates on items of clothing that people can no longer use due to damage or need of improving. Our volunteers can teach the vital skills needed to achieve this be it through sewing, repurposing and refashioning. We aim to transform a meeting room at the church into a repair centre that will be equipped with tools, equipment and work stations so that we can facilitate the repairs on a weekly basis.

Billericay Community Garden
Billericay Community Garden joined The Essex Crowd2 weeks ago

The garden is run by the community for the community and has been running for just over three years. A huge amount of work by volunteers has transformed an overgrown, disused space into a beautiful, edible garden with raised beds, compost area, bug hotels, bird boxes, sheds, water butts, fire pit and forest school corner. The garden is visited by locals of all ages including local childminders and pre schools. We are looking for funding to improve accessibility within the garden, develop a sensory corner, establish a watering system, improve existing structures and expand planting and growing areas. We need further funding to continue offering FREE Family Forest School sessions, weekly, which are extremely popular and have an amazing impact on young children. Children develop their understanding of nature, improve their confidence, self-esteem and communication skills whilst being healthy and active. Free sessions mean that families can attend irrespective of financial circumstance.

Rayleigh & Hockley Cloth Nappy Library
Rayleigh & Hockley Cloth Nappy Library joined The Essex Crowd2 weeks ago

A nappy library is an organisation that provides information and resources to help women use modern reusable nappies. There are far more options for them now than 20 years ago when it was Terry Nappies. Different Nappies will fit different Babies and suit them at different stages of development. The nappy library helps with starting, and continuing to use reusable nappies by hiring out and explaining Nappy kits, providing support for washing routines and discounts on purchasing their own new Nappies through our links with retailers by the UK cloth nappy library network.

Cosmic Colour Sensory Sessions
Cosmic Colour Sensory Sessions joined The Essex Crowd1 month ago

15 week pilot project with the aim to offer individuals in the community something that could help improve individual well-being. Each week their will an opportunity to network and read information about what is on offer. A sensory pod will be available every week, plus x2 mini interactive workshops to entertain and share useful tools and techniques to improve health and fitness reducing ill health at home. After the workshops there will be a chill out area where individuals can experience or learn about pressure points to help relax and balance your and your families mind and body. There will also be an opportunity for children to participant in a visually relaxing activity.

Upcycle Recycle
Upcycle Recycle joined The Essex Crowd1 month ago

To create "The Community Workshop" - 58 High St Waltham Cross EN8 - Purchase exterior advertising to brighten up the high street in Waltham Cross - Equip & decorate the space with proper workshop facilities - offer free workshop sessions to local residents "Upcycling" is trending as an affordable means of crafting bespoke furniture. Its a fun and creative way for Broxbourne Residents to learn new skills whilst reusing & saving money! Meet others in the community and maybe even start your very own trading business! Why it's a great idea √ Positive Feedback from Facebook Followers √ Popular demand for 'upcycled' furniture √ Minimum Staff √ Volunteer-run √ Retired craftsmen √ Promotes Recycling √ Creative volunteering opportunities √ Customers that purchase furniture and chalk paint from us so they can carry out upcycle projects at home √ Teaches new skills √ Open to all √ EDUCATING REUSE, RECYCLE, SAVE WASTE, SAVE MONEY!

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Food Bank and Soup Kitchen
Food Bank and Soup Kitchen joined The Essex Crowd1 month ago

Whilst providing tin and fresh food for those who need a little support, the project will also provide training to apprentices and volunteers in the cooking of simple food using fresh ingredients obtained from local farms. Once funded, we will seek chefs who can come to our facility to teach cooking of fresh and easy to make dishes. The volunteers and apprentices will learn skills that can enable them find employment that will in turn provide better opportunities for their future. We have plenty of space to help deliver our program. Room description: it is 29 x 29 metres, there is a glass front window with a shutter facing the car park. There is a door shutter and glass door into the main lobby. There is adjoining smaller room to serve as office 5 x 5. We plan to put in shelves and other provision for food storage. There is basement facility that houses small kitchen,toilets and storage facility. There is the main long Hall like room we currently use for our general advice and inform

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