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The Brixton Pound Cafe
The Brixton Pound Cafe joined RSA Crowdfunding1 months ago

We started with just a cafetiere and a toaster. In a short space of time we’ve become home to people wanting to find out more about the area, launch a new group, put on an experimental night, or host a workshop. Since opening we’ve hosted over 100 free events and saved over two tonnes of food, feeding over a thousand people in the process. It’s also the Bank of Brixton, where people come to get hold of local currency. We’ve done this on a limited budget and without the resources to fulfil every request that we receive from people and groups who want to use our space for community good. With better facilities and dedicated resourcing, we will be able to put on breakfast clubs, provide food training workshops, host regular community meals, provide space for performers and artists, and actively engage more people to become involved in the local area.

Camden Highline
Camden Highline joined RSA Crowdfunding1 months ago

The Camden Highline – a new public park, a 0.8km garden walk, 18 metres wide, and 8 metres high, on a disused elevated railway line would create a new type of green infrastructure for walking and cycling, and link Camden Town to King’s Cross by a 10-minute walk. We need to show the people that matter, that this is a project that Camden really wants to make happen, and we can’t do this on our own! We’re carrying out this crowdfunding campaign to take the project to the next stage. This means carrying out more detailed feasibility work, which includes understanding the existing condition of the infrastructure including site appraisals and surveys. The campaign will also help pay for exhibitions, events and workshops that will guide the project. This project needs your help to form its aims and ambitions! That's where YOU come in! We need your backing to turn this idea into a reality!

Peckham Lido
Peckham Lido joined RSA Crowdfunding1 months ago

<p>Buried beneath the grass, in an underused corner of Peckham Rye Common, lies the old Peckham Lido. Once a well loved 50 metre outdoor swimming pool, it served the swimmers and sun-bathers of South East London for over 50 years. But by 1987 it had fallen into disrepair and was closed and filled in. Now all that remains visible of the once great Peckham Lido is a crumbling blue fountain.</p> <p>We think it’s time to bring the lido back again. And we’re not alone. Up and down the country, from Saltdean to Tarlair, many of Britain’s lidos are coming back to life. We think South East London should be part of this great movement to bring outdoor swimming and sunbathing back.</p> <p>We’d like to rebuild the Peckham Lido on the same site as the original, using the existing mature trees to frame the new buildings. But we’re not just creating a replica. We want to make it better than ever! The following facilities will make it a fantastic hub for the whole of the Peckham Community!</p>

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