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xChange Studios - Creative Education
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We are crowdfunding to establish a permanent place to deliver our creative education programmes for disadvantaged youth in Margate. Our projects foster a collaborative, cultural exchange between creative practitioners and disadvantaged youth. By doing so, we build self confidence, provide pathways to continued education and increase employability. Situated in the heart of Cliftonville, xChange Studios is ideally located in the community we work with and will provide opportunities to run a range of community driven projects as well as our core programmes. The space will consist of six studios including a professional recording studio, video editing suite and multi-purpose art rooms as well as an office and a project/exhibition space. By pledging to our campaign you will also become part of our vision and we invite all donors to visit our studios to see the impact of our projects first hand. We will also commemorate our top 10 donations on a plaque to be displayed in the building.

Westway Trust pledged £4,000 to Place2Play3 weeks ago
European Youth Music Refugee Choirs
European Youth Music Refugee Choirs joined RSA Crowdfunding3 weeks ago

Music has an incredible power to heal and inspire, which is why we need your help to fund our project. We want to bring together 50 young refugees living in Leicester, Bristol & Birmingham to rehearse and perform a specially commissioned piece of music. These rehearsals will culminate in a series of performances as part of National Refugee Week. We will then bring the participants together for a week of music making alongside European Youth Music’s established orchestra. To enable the young refugees to attend this course we need funding for their transport to the course, the residential fees and support staff. Whilst on the music course, the young refugees will be interacting with other young refugees from other countries, young musicians from all over the world and be guided by professional musicians. We are also commissioning a new piece for orchestra and choir, which will take inspiration from the refugees and their journeys. This will be the climax of the final concert.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

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