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Fund Fat Macy's new home
Fund Fat Macy's new home joined Southwark Hive2 weeks ago

Fat Macy’s works with young Londoners living in temporary accommodation. A roving restaurant, we provide a pathway to independent living by inviting our trainees chefs to host pop-up supper club events across the capital. Fat Macy's creates a direct pathway from hostel to home: from in-hostel training, to work experience at our supper club events. Those who volunteer over 150 hours are eligible to apply for a housing deposit grant to move into their own flat. Now Fat Macy's needs a permanent home - we plan to renovate an old building to create a cafe and restaurant, complete with a professional commercial kitchen for training and events. We will also create a social enterprise hub with coworking space, complete with events showcasing the best social enterprises in London. We're currently choosing between a couple of venues in Peckham. If a venue falls through no backers will be charged.

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Sustainable Food at Sustainable Bankside
Sustainable Food at Sustainable Bankside joined Southwark Hive1 month ago

As our grassroots sustainable community has grown, we have seen first-hand the barriers to the growth of sustainable food start-ups. One of the greatest barriers we have faced is the lack of provision in London for our community’s unique requirement of affordable hygienic space and kitchens. We have secured a new affordable space called Sustainable Bankside, however to fit it out we need additional funding. The space created will enable more sustainable food start-ups to work alongside each other, empowering each other to grow their idea faster, making London more prosperous and sustainable. Our community members have huge experience in engaging, educating and inspiring local communities about sustainable food. The space is unique in that it has a large yard / warehouse for events, whilst being in a great place for all Londoners to access. Grow-Up Community Farms amongst other community members, are co-designing our innovation demonstrators, events, and educational programs.

Edible Rotherhithe Kitchen and Studio
Edible Rotherhithe Kitchen and Studio joined Southwark Hive1 month ago

We think it would be great to have a place where we can invite people to share the joy of preparing and eating the food that we are growing here at Edible Rotherhithe. We would like to construct a multi-purpose space that can be a dining room, a studio for art classes and small cafe. We are working with architecture practice STORE Projects to design and construct a multi-purpose space that will bring people together. The project will be part of our education programme and students will work with people in the local community to design and build a new multi-purpose space for Edible Rotherhithe.

Crystal Palace Library of Things
Crystal Palace Library of Things joined Southwark Hive1 month ago

Like many people we often buy things that we use just that once and then pack away or see things in the shop that we desperately need but cannot afford to buy. In partnership with the local Transition Town, we are creating a Library of Things in our vibrant library space in Crystal Palace. All the 'thing's in the hub will be owned by the Library hub but offered at low cost to people who want to borrow them when they need it. We want to inspire and support people in our community to spend less, waste less and share more. The Crystal Palace Library of Things will help our community to build a powerful sharing economy and will facilitate knowledge and skills sharing. It will also create an opportunity for local residents to connect and network with others from this richly diverse community.

Art Academy takeover Newington Library
Art Academy takeover Newington Library joined Southwark Hive1 month ago

The Art Academy, have been given the support of Southwark Council to lease and re-energise Newington Library, currently vacant due to a fire in the neighbouring Town Hall in 2013. At Newington we proposal to use the double-height ground floor library as a community space and gallery in which we will run a public programme engaging the local community and get them passionate about the power of art. This will comprise of a programme of talks, workshops and exhibitions open to the public. The Art Academy will also use the other areas of the building to house a part of the art school, by running their 1 year foundation and give studio space to the third year diploma students. The school aims to enable the artists of tomorrow and in partnership with Assemble will also run a new active learning programme and studio residency called Streetwork. Streetwork will create a diverse mix of practices amongst its residents, and so are encouraging artists, writers and musicians to join.

A space for art and nature
A space for art and nature joined Southwark Hive1 month ago

Around 90 people with a learning disability come to The Riverside each day. It is a social hub, learning centre, safe space & invaluable resource. People choose how to spend their day & plan their own timetable of activities, from painting to horse-riding. We give people the support they need to do this. Due to the imminent closure of our Queens Road Centre, we need to make space for more people at The Riverside who have nowhere else to go each day. Currently, our car park is an under-used, uninspiring resource that’s crying out for a new use. We want to brighten up this space by: rejuvenating the overgrown, littered borders and building raised, accessible flower beds (some of which will be available to local residents for minimal rent). We will teach gardening & grow our own healthy food to serve in our kitchen. . We also plan to install a ready-made art studio for the people we support & for other local community groups to use for workshops, training or therapy.

A piece of Latin America on East Street
A piece of Latin America on East Street joined Southwark Hive1 month ago

We are close to completing the launch of three multifunctional spaces, providing a platform to celebrate the Latin American culture in the East Street and support the local community. We plan to launch a cafe, a rehearsal space for local dancing groups, and run workshops and classes, a strategic step that will contribute towards the wellbeing of the area while securing the future of our summer festival. Carnaval del Pueblo is an association that since 1996 runs events and workshops around the Latin American culture, involving the community that famously gathers around the Seven Sisters and Elephant and Castle areas. The money raised in our shops in the East Street will go to fund a one day and free Latin American festival taking place in the summer. We also want to use our case to prove that the East Street market has room to diversify its offer, including educational platforms, leisure and new forms of trading that will help the market become a new landmark in South London.

Community Garden Outdoor Classroom
Community Garden Outdoor Classroom joined Southwark Hive1 month ago

Frendsbury Gardens is an inner city community garden located within Brockley. To ensure the diverse community can be use the garden all year around we want an outdoor space that could be used for gardening in the rain, chilling with friends or as a performance space. We want it have lots of bright colour so that the educational space is both functional in keeping people dry but is a piece of art in of itself. The timber deck is shaped like a leaf and is made from recycled materials. The classroom is designed to be quick, cheap & easy to construct by volunteers, and it aims to inspire those who build and use it. <b>We have the support of Lewisham Council and are currently awaiting the outcome of our application for planning permission to realise our project. In the unlikely event, we are not successful in securing planning permission, no money will be taken from backers.</b>

Bermondsey Street Festival 2017
Bermondsey Street Festival 2017 joined Southwark Hive1 month ago

We're doing well, we have great community buy in and getting quite good at what we do, There are a number of videos embedded in our website, alongside links to our social media feeds. We're rightly proud of what we deliver to the community through local craft and food stalls and providing performance opportunities for individuals and groups to perform on our stages. We work towards including the entire community and all age groups, food, drink and dance for adults, a petting zoo and clowns to entertain children, while our acclaimed dog show and maypole dancing appeal to all. We try to make each year better than the one before, and while we are widely supported by local business we have opportunities for larger sponsors to step up and fund our events stages and areas and bring their brand awareness to Festival,


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