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Southwark Peace Garden
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The turn of 2016/17 saw a sharp increase in knife crime across London, with Southwark experiencing the highest volume within the capital. Alongside larger initiatives aimed at tackling the problem, smaller community-led projects have also emerged, and Southwark Peace Garden is a leading example of this. Conceived by Abdulrahman Musa-Johnson, a community and church member who regularly provides support to people affected by knife crime, the garden will accomplish three crucial roles in the local community: 1. It will be a place of remembrance, support and comfort for the victims and relatives of victims of knife crime 2. It will engage, educate and dissuade young people who are at risk of becoming involved in knife crime 3. It will provide a peaceful, green and public space for the local community to use. Walworth Methodist Church have offered the central courtyard of their church to be refurbished and opened to the public as the Southwark Peace Garden.

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