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Ending youth umemployment
Ending youth umemployment joined Southwark Hive5 days ago

Being rejected from a job is a horrible experience. It's something that most young people go through and can be utterly demoralizing. By utilizing a under-used space in London we're going to deliver incredible workshops that help young people avoid that feeling of rejection, and get them onto a path of success. We need £100 to pay for the whiteboard that we will use to explain the step-by-step process we've curated in conjunction with some of the best employers in the UK. Thanks in advance for any support you can give. Miles Thorpe, CEO & Founder.

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Flower heaven for our tree bases.
Flower heaven for our tree bases. joined Southwark Hive1 week ago

The Grosvenor Estate in SE5 (Grosvenor Terrace, Grosvenor Park and Urlwin Street) have stunning London Planes growing on all three streets. We are looking at building wooden surrounds for each tree base using recycled wood. We'll build each of these up with soil and mulch to maintain moisture (tree bases can be very dry). Once completed, well add Spring/summer bulbs, perennials and Spring/summer bedding to add interest throughout the year. Each tree base will be adopted by a resident near the tree to maintain, plant and water. We'll also have a yearly competition for the most loved tree base.

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Space to speak about race
Space to speak about race joined Southwark Hive2 weeks ago

Voices Of Colour ( VOC ) were recently at a residential weekend with fellow black and brown activists / groups talking about the work we are doing across the UK - mainly within London and the South. We realised that our work often overlaps and we could organise ourselves to work together to fully utilise our individual specialities. We quickly realised that the residential weekend was the only opportunity we have had to sit down together and plan. Our discussions led to how a shared space would be great for us to meet / work together and organise regular collaborative events and workshops for the community.

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B3 TV joined Southwark Hive2 weeks ago

So far, the organisation has recruited various individuals from different artistic practices to embark on a few projects this year. This will include drama productions, documentaries on culture and a series of other educational talks. Through the above, we will established our plans and goals, organised scripts, actors and creative crew for up and coming productions, and are willing to provide a showcase of our visionary ideals if requested. We aim to engage the counsel, local businesses and residents of wider communities in and out of London in much needed discussions around urban culture and what effect methods of young peoples engagement need to be in place to promote artistic and personal development for millennials.


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