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Stompie Garden
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The history of the place: The tank appeared first in 1995 in the III. Richard movie at 1:10 Started own life at the Page's Walk / Mandela Way corner: The owner called Stompie the tank and the origin of the name: Mostly used for artistic projects: Last time, 4 years ago the current gardener team gave the Stompie Garden to the place:

Bankside Bouldering
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Marlborough Sports Garden is used by the local community who value it for the role it plays in promoting the health and wellbeing of residents and as a rare outdoor space providing much-needed access to physical activity, sport, and leisure pursuits. Available for everyone living and working in SE1! We are now improving the football pitch, sand court, basketball hoop, table tennis, patball wall... and hope to now install this exciting new bouldering wall.

Anchor Vaults
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Hidden behind tall walls, the Park Street Estates was built on the site of the former Anchor Brewery and on top of a network of vaults. While not much is left of the Anchor Brewery the former social club in the vaults along Southwark Bridge Road still exists. Currently derelict, these vaults will be refurbished to once again become a place for socializing and for cultural and educational programmes that connect the Park Street Estate to the museums and theatres along the river and in the Bankside area. Walls that currently separate the Park Street Estate and Gatehouse Square from Southwark Bridge Road will be broken down and replaced by a ramp creating a new entrance to the Anchor Vaults Social Club and the estate, and a more convenient link for pedestrians and cyclists between Tate Modern and Borough market. A small office overlooking the estate and the Southwark Bridge Road will accommodate the newly formed Tenant and Management Organisation of the estate.

The London Biome
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There are a number of issues with London that can all be addressed with this one simple idea. Unfortunately London has a horrible air pollution problem which is causing illness and strain to our health service. It is also quite grey and lifeless in many areas. The first stage to our idea is to replace many brick and concrete walls with living walls, that do a great job of purifying our air and bring life back into the city. Our second stage is to develop an adhesive trellace-type material to be placed on bus stop rooves and on top of lamp posts to encourage mosses to grow. Our third stage would be to encourage the London Mayor to make sure as many new constructed buildings have a roof garden containing bee friendly plants as he can.

Cash Free Mobile Wardrobe
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This 'mini flea market' like place is a "NO MONEY-NO SALLE" place... instead, the local community is involved and inspired to participate by exchanging for FREE all goods. ideally, we should promote a GREEN and CARBON FREE Culture and recycling! Basically by exchanging goods and quality being engaging at a marketplace where no money is allowed, just exchanges....and Finally all the left over from donations should them be in turn Donate to a number of Local Charity shops... this project should aspire to engage local communities, churches, mosques, libraries and local charities too. By either visiting, donating (good useable quality unwanted items) The Council should also provide a small area where small stalls can be set at particular choosen days of the week.

Fruit Orchard
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