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{{ 'About' | translate }} Second Home in the Community

We want to fund projects that inspire, innovate and add to the character of the communities that we're working in and we will support your great ideas by pledging funds, skills and also desk space in some of our great locations across London.

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Next stop: Liverpool Street Forest started fundraising!1 day ago
Next stop: Liverpool Street Forest
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London is home to one of the most diverse groups of people on the planet. It is a beautiful melting pot of cultures, 300 different languages can be heard when walking these streets. London's beating heart is us, the people within it. We at MISKE believe in the power of nature to bring people together, surrounded by nature we are all the same. September 2020 will see Liverpool Street station transformed into a living breathing forest. Together we can change the face of more than 5 million visits over the course of the 3 week installation. Intertwined with the OpenForest will be installation art pieces that inspire us to reconnect with the world around us, and question what we could be doing to encourage its well-being. London inspires us every day, together we can create a space for creativity, for emotion, for connection, for inspiration. We are the change, together we can reach our and connect with one another, together we can forge a future we believe in.

The Divine Feminine Project started fundraising!2 days ago
Next stop: Liverpool Street Forest started fundraising!3 days ago
The Divine Feminine Project
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Our mission is to explore and expand the boundaries of using art as a therapeutic tool whilst reconnecting east London with the 'Feminine'. This will be a public exhibition that combines immersive sensory art and healing workshops in the same space. Allowing the audience to both appreciate and be part of the work. It will take place over 5 days and 5 nights in Tower Hamlets. By day the space will be open for everyone to experience; by night a powerful container for workshops and healing. Using a community oriented and inclusive approach this exhibition will be a place to reconnect to the ‘the feminine’. Whilst being accessible to the public, we will focus on engaging with east London charities, particularly focusing (but not limited to) sexual violence and female charity groups. We need your help to turn this dream into reality. Let’s bring the healing power of art to east London!

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!