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I'M PERFECT Exhibition
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I’M PERFECT Exhibition is a community project about body image, self-love and empowerment. We invite you to an interactive exhibition with video, photographs, talks and a concert exploring the idea that we can relate positively to our imperfections. Through this fun, artistic and creative format, we want to inspire people to have more kindness for themselves and to experience embracing what makes us human. The exhibition will be divided in 3 main events: Photo & Video display: A dozen people will be portrayed in photographs and video content sharing their humanity and imperfections in an empowering light. Talks: This will be followed by talks hosted by a motivational speaker who is also a plane crash survivor and will share her stories about imperfection, self-esteem and confidence. Live music: To finish off the event, there will be live music and people will get to connect, celebrate and sing along.

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