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During the Coronavirus Crisis we have seen the amazing resilience, innovation and compassion of people within our community. As we emerge from the current crisis, it is hoped that this crowdfunding programme will become a positive springboard for a locally-led revival, where local groups come up with attractive project ideas to benefit the community, and generate financial and volunteer time support from residents, businesses and the council. The council will have an amount of match-funding available to pledge towards local crowdfunding projects/campaigns through the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), as long as projects meet the selection criteria and there are sufficient available funds. The Community Crowdfunding programme runs two funding rounds a year in the Spring and Autumn. See below for information on the funding available, how to get involved before the next deadline and the free to attend community workshops.

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Walk it out - Redbridge
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Knowing that domestic abuse had risen during lockdown 2020 and anxieties had increased after the Sarah Everard death, I felt a need to support young females and women in my community. Our aim is to empower and raise awareness for women, creating a safe environment where women feel acknowledged, heard and valued. We believe that supporting and guiding young females and women in overcoming their challenges, facing their fears, building their self esteem and conquering themselves, will lead to better relationships and better decision making, allowing women to feel stronger and more in control. We do this by walking and talking in parks in Redbridge borough installing positive mindsets, building confidence and resilience in young females women, making a positive impact in their lives.

Greening South Woodford
Greening South Woodford joined Community Crowdfunding1 month ago

The aim is to make South Woodford a better place to live, work and visit by improving the look, air quality, recreation opportunities and community cohesion of the area. There are three main locations we want to improve. An orchard which has been established by local people and now ready for the next stage of making it a community meeting area where residents can tend and benefit from its produce as well as sit and enjoy. Local families and schools can visit to better understand wildlife and their habitats. The second is a plot of land which we would like to regenerate with flower beds, play opportunities for children and a meeting area for local people including a community herb garden created by local people for local people. Thirdly, we would like to support further a local gardening group with resources to enhance the amazing work they already carry on flowerbeds in the area. Plans include a community composting project which will reduce waste and recycling and feed all 3 areas.

New Woodland Play Area for Wanstead Park
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Local residents have been campaigning for play facilities in or close to Wanstead Park for decades. Now that we have the necessary permissions, we can finally make this happen... all we need is the money to do it! Children in the neighbouring area of Aldersbrook do not currently have any playgrounds within walking distance. We want to create a natural play area for 2-10 year olds providing opportunities for social and adventurous play in a fun and inspiring location. Different ‘play zones’ will offer activities for the different age ranges of children, while parents/ carers will be able to relax on new seating. The play area has been planned in consultation with local groups and will be constructed from natural materials with sensitivity to the surrounding area. Local community volunteers and arborists from the City of London will be building most of the play area from materials found in Epping Forest. However we need to raise money to purchase some specialist play structures.

Grow a school dinner for John Bramston
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We aim to enhance children’s enthusiasm and real life experiences of growing produce and incorporate it with the schools’ current chickens production of eggs that enables our community, which is suburban and has a majority of socially deprived families with limited access to basic provisions of a garden, to be able to experience first-hand where and how food comes from. Children will be actively involved at all stages and understand and be responsible for the care and management of the produce. Further, our aim will feed into our long term objectives of encouraging children with both food choices and consequences. We wish to build on encouraging our children to be healthy individuals across many aspects of their lives, including promoting healthy eating as a life necessity. In order to become self-sufficient and sustaining, part of the re-launch would need to engage in the purchase of materials such as a greenhouse, propagating resources, tools, irrigation, pots etc.

Outdoor Gallery @ Redbridge Roundabout
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The Redbridge Outdoor gallery will look to work with artists and deliver artwork across the new "Grow Zone" at Redbridge Roundabout, forming a strong link between arts & culture and the nature that surrounds us. The artwork, painted by various artists will be shortlisted with community groups across the borough invited to curate and co-design the project. Through the delivery of the project we hope to engage key community groups and give a number of aspiring or early stage artists experience at painting at large scale. We intend to also create a small digital app that educates visitors and passer by on the artwork and share tips on how to support the biodiversity in the area in which people live and visit. We have provisional support from Redbridge Council and TfL to explore this project further and believe this could be one of the largest collections of outdoor street art in East London The project will aim for be carbon neutral project using lime based carbon absorbing paint

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