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{{ 'About' | translate }} Community Crowdfunding

During the Coronavirus Crisis we have seen the amazing resilience, innovation and compassion of people within our community. As we emerge from the current crisis, it is hoped that this crowdfunding programme will become a positive springboard for a locally-led revival, where local groups come up with attractive project ideas to benefit the community, and generate financial and volunteer time support from residents, businesses and the council. The council will have an amount of match-funding available to pledge towards local crowdfunding projects/campaigns through the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), as long as projects meet the selection criteria and there are sufficient available funds. See below for information on the funding available and the upcoming workshops on the 2nd of December and the 14th of January.

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The Cranbrook Square Garden
The Cranbrook Square Garden joined Community Crowdfunding3 days ago

Residents already love and care for this garden set out over 100 years ago in what used to be part of the garden of Valentines Mansion. Would you like to help? We are planning to repaint the railings and gate, as well as replant the perimeter beds to give the garden all-round colour for the enjoyment of residents, passers-by and visitors. Wouldn’t it be lovely to make the garden more inviting for shared community events? We’d love to hear your ideas for encouraging and learning about London wildlife, such as a Butterfly Count or setting up a bug hotel in the heart of the garden. The aim is to restore and maintain the historic charm of this gated garden; enhance its beauty with colourful planting, regular cleaning and pruning; celebrate and share each other’s cultures, starting with planting a Christmas tree to decorate each year; preserve and encourage learning about a tiny “green jungle” for London wildlife in this urban space; organise events to bring the community together.

A WALK IN THE PARK: CLAYHALL joined Community Crowdfunding3 days ago

We have an access road between Glenthorne Gds and Woodville Gds, previously used as a dumping ground and home for anti-social behaviour and stolen cars etc. With the help of Stephanie and Marion from Redbridge Council, we have managed to close off both ends with planters so this private access road is not used as a short cut for lorries, vans and people dumping cars, and now we need to clean it up. We've already had planters and bulbs donated by the council so we can't wait to add some greenery and colour. We now need to re-surface the dirt track that has been untouched for decades. We have started to raise a chunk of the funds through the generous support and help of the neighbours but during these testing times and lock down we are still short of the amount we need to finish the project. Can you help?

Fitness & Fun: Loxford Park Table Tennis started fundraising!1 week ago
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Funding Year 1 of 'The Silver Lining.' started fundraising!1 week ago
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LOVE - HOPE - HEAL joined Community Crowdfunding2 weeks ago

We have changed this to an art installation on the side of the former IF bar that the council owns at 72 Ilford Hill. We now understand the existing building will be demolished so have adapted the idea to something that can be relocated to other sites, giving it much more longevity We will commission a unique art illuminated art piece to be professionally manufactured by a signmaker to really brighten up this lovely but tired building, its important it's illuminated as we want to send a warm message to the hundreds of people who work night shifts in care homes and hospitals. Redbridge as a borough has been particularly hard hit by Covid 19 and as we make our way out of the pandemic we should all be working together to bring some optimism. Can we do something together and really show some spirit and willingness to make our streets so much brighter, all year round. 1. Design creates culture 2. Culture shapes values 3. Values determine the future. ... Robert L Peters

Funding Year 1 of 'The Silver Lining.'
Funding Year 1 of 'The Silver Lining.' joined Community Crowdfunding2 weeks ago

The Silver Lining was created in order to create a support network and community of graduate artists which operates at Redbridge Drama Centre. By forming affiliations with up and coming talent we are aiming to put Redbridge Drama Centre and the Kenneth More Theatre on the map as places where creative innovation is born. These affiliate artists will then in the future be able to return back to these venues to encourage youth engagement with the arts through facilitating specialist workshops. As a company we are also starting to gain a social media following and we will be promoting events at both venues to a much wider audience by utilising this platform. We currently have had engagement from over 17 different artistic institutions (for example: Guildhall, LAMDA, Mountview.) One of our main goals is to bring more shows to these venues. We want to boost ticket sales and encourage new audiences to attend by offering consistently new content.

Fitness & Fun: Loxford Park Table Tennis
Fitness & Fun: Loxford Park Table Tennis joined Community Crowdfunding2 weeks ago

Assisting in fitness and well being, we are looking to install a permanent structure of a table tennis table for the whole community to enjoy!

Welcome To Goodmayes
Welcome To Goodmayes joined Community Crowdfunding2 weeks ago

Welcome to Goodmayes is an exciting project aimed to get young people involved in the process of creating street art in the borough. Developing the ideas the young people have explored, and guidance from the local residents and surrounding areas, later in the year a street artist will create a mural which will reflect on the vibrancy and diversity of the local community through the overarching theme of creativity and togetherness all in a bid to put Goodmayes on the map as a destination. In this first phase of the project we want to work with local young residents to design and shape the mural! We will be launching a competition in partnership with surrounding schools and colleges for young people to submit their own designs. Designs will be judged by a panel of local businesses and residents who will select their top 10 designs which will then go to a public vote! The winning design will inspire a local street artist to develop the final mural in the future!