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New Land
New Land joined Redbridge Hive1 week ago

First sphere health: New Land has an impact on your physical activity because it encourages you to take more kilometers as possible during your day WHEREVER YOU ARE GOING. Second sphere, environment: New Land accepts only FREE Co2 TRANSPORT, limiting pollutant emissions and decreasing traffic accidents. Third and most important, financially: New Land, through a monetary compensation, proportioned to Km covered daily (by Co2 free transport) i.e. Bikes, running, skateboard and roller skates, is determined to put an end to all the cardiovascular disease (CVD), and decreasing the risks of obesity, diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, lipid disorders, depression and anxiety that in 2014 were the second biggest cause of death in the United Kingdom, causing 27% of all deaths. Surpassed only by cancer with 29%. In addition, New-Land is the exact solutions to deal with environmental issues limiting Co2 pollution, noise pollution and fuel emissions in the air of London.

Children's Storytelling Festival
Children's Storytelling Festival joined Redbridge Hive1 month ago

The plan is to introduce children of all ages to literature and storytelling. The theme for the week is "bringing books alive" so the focus will be on storytelling and interactive sessions encouraging children and young people to explore their creative side and get to know more about the magic of literature. There will be a number of sessions throughout the week using various spaces in the Kenneth More Theatre in Ilford. This will also encourage children and their families to visit their local theatre, quite potentially for the first time, and see the wealth of entertainment it has on offer. The hope is to specfically target the local community by ensuring storytelling sessions from across the World exploring cultures and traditions of communites throughout the Borough.

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Unity Walls Wanstead
Unity Walls Wanstead joined Redbridge Hive1 month ago

We want to bring artistic murals to Wanstead. Unity Walls will highlight the aspects of heritage and culture in Wanstead as well as truly repect and adhere to the conservation needs of the community. We are very well connected in the art world and would be able to introduce high calibre artists to the 'Unity Walls' project in Wanstead. We will gain permission and access to a select number of walls in and around Wanstead High Street that will be painted between 8th - 24th September 2017 that is due to tie in with this year's Art Trail Wanstead, a community art event celebrating its 8th year.

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